Zelensky calls on UN to remove voting and veto right from Russia

Zelensky calls on UN to remove voting and veto right from Russia
Zelensky calls on UN to remove voting and veto right from Russia

“Removing the right of veto is virtually impossible,” US correspondent Marieke de Vries told the newspaper NOS Radio 1 News. “That has to be voted on and then there can also be a veto. Moreover, critics argue that America should also have been stripped of the veto right after the invasion of Iraq. That raid and attack that later turned out to be under false pretenses.”

Think it over

“Zelensky’s remarks did make us think, even when he wondered aloud in his speech why Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council,” says De Vries. “Why Russia and other countries not? What makes Russia so special that it is almost inviolable? And should it remain so?” It got the various delegations thinking: “That certainly gave food for thought and discussion. That was certainly noticeable after the speech in the corridors.”

Conditions for peace

Zelensky also emphasized his desire for peace, under a number of conditions. “The most important thing is that Russia should be punished for the murders, torture and humiliation that are now taking place in Ukraine. Zelensky says that as a condition for Russia to pay.”

His words also had another meaning. “But it is also certainly a signal to other potential aggressors, so that other major countries do not invade their sovereign neighbours. That is why Zelensky also called for the installation of a special international tribunal to punish Russia after this war for the war crimes they are now committing.” in Ukraine.”


Zelensky’s speech was received with a standing ovation, but not from everyone. “This time you could clearly see in the images, which came from the large meeting room, the division that also exists among the members. A large part of the members immediately stood up to clap, because 141 UN members are standing. behind Ukraine. But Russia stayed put, you didn’t see quite a few other people in the corner of the Russian Federation either. A number of African countries also stayed put, Namibia for example. Cuba also stayed. It was certainly not unanimous praise from the international community.”

War prevails

The UN meeting started on September 13, most of the meetings are about the war in Ukraine. “Certainly after the announcement of the referenda and the partial mobilization yesterday, which are clearly seen here in the UN as an escalation. But it is much and often about Ukraine, while there are still so many other important issues to be discussed. Such as the approach of climate change, inflation, energy, food crisis.”

“Yet Ukraine has dominated the talks this whole week and the only positive thing is that the coalition of allies stands straight, speaks with one voice and says: that Russia’s actions must be condemned and that they are pushing back by stating that threatening with nuclear weapons is reckless and will be hit back hard if it doesn’t stop at bluff.”

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