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After the defeat in their opening match at the World Cup, the morale of the Belgian Cats does not seem to have been affected yet. The loss against unapproachable America was therefore calculated. Nevertheless, the Belgians were not blind to less points against the US afterwards. “In attack we may have to add something, because they knew all our plays,” said Emma Meesseman.

National coach Valéry Demory started his analysis of the match against the US with the positive things. “I am satisfied with what I have seen from my team,” said the Frenchman. “We have changed our defense several times and that has sometimes caused the US problems.”

“America played hard and that caused us to lose a lot of ball (25 in total, ed). They also put a lot of pressure in the 2nd half and that got us into trouble. Six of my players come from the Belgian league, where the defensive intensity is a lot lower, they experienced that today.”

The Americans also managed to limit Emma Meesseman (4 points). “It is never easy for Emma against the US, the American players know her through and through”, says Demory, who insists on a better defense.

“We will have to be tougher in defense. That has to be our identity in the next games.”

Valery Demory

Emma Meesseman: “They knew all our plays”

Emma Meesseman was satisfied with the Belgian defence. “I think I saw a good team. We made it difficult for the US and I am proud of our defense. In the past training sessions the energy was a bit lower and we were not always focused, but today that energy was there yes,” said Meesseman.

“If we can bring this defense for the rest of the tournament and fix the little mistakes it could be good. In attack we need to find our rhythm a bit more. I noticed they knew all our plays, so maybe we need to do something there to add.”

Meesseman got stuck on 4 points. “Of course they know very well what I can do and I felt that I didn’t get much space. It is up to us to find solutions for that. We have to get the rest of the team going. I as a distraction and get the rest open. “

“The many ball losses? Those were the moments when we were a little too soft. I know the American coach from Minnesota and her motto is to play super aggressive. We also have to be hard. We did that very well at times. On to the next!”

Lisowa: “My role is to provide energy”

  • Maxuella Lisowa Mbaka: “America has in my eyes all star players and I was excited to play against them. I am very satisfied with the match. We were able to make it difficult for them at certain times. We will have to tinker with certain things for the next one. match. We’re going to work on that now.”

    “We were a bit surprised by their intensity, even though we were warned. Hence the many ball losses. That has to be better, because at important moments it can cost you the victory.”

    “My own match? I feel a lot of confidence from my teammates and that makes me feel good. My role is to bring energy and I will continue to do that. We always want to do a little better, starting by winning tomorrow against South Korea .”

  • Kyara Linskens: “I think it’s not that bad with my knee. It was a bit shocked by the impact of the fall, but I think I should be able to play tomorrow.”

    “The US is the best team in the world, that’s always tough. For us this was a good preparation to get into the tournament. The faith was definitely there, even though we played against the strongest team.”

    “It was a bit of a search in the beginning. It was the first match and the intensity and level were very high, but I think we held up well. We want to win against South Korea tomorrow anyway.”

Lisowa: “Feel a lot of confidence from my teammates”

Linskens: “I think it’s not that bad with my knee”

belgian cats at basketball world cup

program group a
22/09 United States Belgium 87-72
23/09 Belgium South Korea 5 hours
24/09 Puerto Rico Belgium 12.30 pm
26/09 Belgium Bosnia 3.30 am
27/09 China Belgium 5.30 am
standing in group a
m W V +/- ptn
1. Puerto Rico 1 1 0 +24 2
2. United States 1 1 0 +15 2
3. Belgium 1 0 1 -15 1
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 0 1 -24 1
5. China 0 0 0 0 0
6. South Korea 0 0 0 0 0

The top 4 advance to the quarter-finals.

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