Most beached pilot whales in Tasmania dead

NOS Newstoday, 05:22

Most pilot whales found yesterday on the Australian island of Tasmania are dead. Of the 230 animals washed ashore, only 35 are alive, a spokesperson for the rescue workers said.

The pilot whales were found in a secluded spot in a nature reserve on Tasmania’s west coast. Rescuers say every effort has been made to keep the whales alive, but many have failed to do so. “The focus this morning will be on rescuing and releasing the animals.”

According to the spokesperson, the difficult terrain is partly the cause of the high mortality. Outside help is kept out as much as possible: the authorities only want people who have experience with marine life. “We appreciate any help, but it’s important to have a safe work environment.

Two years ago, a large group of pilot whales stranded in Tasmania. It was then about 470 animals. More than a hundred pilot whales were then rescued. Conditions were more favourable, the spokesman said.

The place where the animals lie is difficult to reach:

Hundreds of pilot whales stranded in Tasmania

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