Group of ‘pinball players’ had specially provided for elderly homes | News item

Group of ‘pinball players’ had specially provided for elderly homes | News item
Group of ‘pinball players’ had specially provided for elderly homes | News item

News item | 21-09-2022 | 16:49

The Hague, Nijmegen, Boxmeer, Cuijk, Grave and Den Bosch. Two women and a man were touring the country in a car. They also visited residential care complexes for the elderly in a short period of time. Looking for money and other valuables. Until they were arrested in the act on March 22 of this year in Den Bosch. Today, the public prosecutor demanded sentences of up to 24 months in prison against them.

The case came into play when a 92-year-old from The Hague reported the theft together with his daughter in October last year. His debit card was stolen from his home and with it more than 6,000 euros was withdrawn in shops and at payment terminals.

The man remembered that he had been visited by two women at the end of September. They had said they were from home care, but he didn’t know them. When he asked for papers, they had left. He later discovered that his wallet with debit card and also his house keys were missing.

Camera images

The police launched an investigation in which CCTV footage was requested and viewed. Detectives then recognized a 40-year-old woman from Rotterdam. They suspected that the woman did this more often, so an observation team was deployed. The observation team established that on March 3, 2022, she gained access to a residential care complex in Nijmegen via the emergency exit.

She probably used the so-called pinball method. A flexible object is inserted between the door and door frame. If the door isn’t locked but just pulled shut, it’s only a matter of seconds to open it this way.

Residential care complexes

On March 22, 2022, the 40-year-old woman, a 25-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman toured the country. In Boxmeer, the three entered two residential care complexes. In Cuijk, the observation team saw how the three came out of a retirement home. The resident was not home at the time. But when the police approached her about this, she reported that 100 euros had been stolen from her home.

Then it went on to Grave where the three again entered a residential care complex and to Den Bosch where they did the same. In Den Bosch, the police decided to arrest the three. No reports of theft have been received from these residential care complexes.

Other suspicions

In addition to this, the women and the man are also suspected of other facts. The 40-year-old Rotterdam from two burglary attempts, one in Oirschot and one in Schiedam. The 25-year-old Nieuwegeiner of an attempted burglary in Haarlem in which he pretended to be a police officer and tried to get an old man to let him into the house.

A 30-year-old Schiedam, who could also be seen on the camera images of the debit card, is suspected of money laundering. In her home, the police found a large amount of items that were determined to be stolen.

‘Aimed at the elderly’

At the hearing, the public prosecutor had nothing good to say about the suspects. “Here, targeted abuse is made of vulnerable people who are often no longer able to estimate who they should and should not let in. It is also set up ‘professionally’. They drove around in different compositions, it was discussed how best to get into the houses, which doors are good to pinball and which are not. It is a way of life.”

She demanded 24 months in prison against the 40-year-old Rotterdam, 12 months in prison against the 25-year-old Nieuwegeiner, two hundred days in prison against the 28-year-old woman without a permanent place of residence or residence (of which one hundred conditionally) and against the 30-year-old Schiedam. days in prison (59 of which are conditional) and a community service order of 120 hours. The verdict is in two weeks.

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