Zelensky asks for punishment for Russia at UN, gets standing ovation

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Ukrainian President Zelensky has asked the United Nations General Assembly for more military support. The president said the weapons are needed for the defense of the country, but also to recapture areas from the Russians. He received a standing ovation after his speech. The representatives of Russia remained seated.

Zelensky was allowed to address the UN via a video message in exceptional cases. He also called for more punitive measures against Russia. For example, he wants the Russians to lose their veto right in the UN Security Council and other international organizations, something that is almost impossible in practice.

“Crimes are being committed against Ukraine and we demand punishment,” said Zelensky, pointing to the killings, torture, humiliation and unrest in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. The president emphasized that a neutral position for his country is not an option.

Russia wants war

According to Zelensky, more arms support is needed to “return the Ukrainian flag to the entire territory. “We can do that with weapons, but we need time.” The fact that Russia announced a partial mobilization yesterday shows that Russia is not interested in peace talks.

“They talk about the talks, but announced a military mobilization. They talk about talks, but they announce mock referendums,” said Zelensky, referring to the referendums announced in the self-declared people’s republics of Lugansk and Donetsk on annexation by Russia. “Russia wants war,” said the president.

Furthermore, Zelensky hopes for support from the UN to make Russia pay for the war. He also advocated further visa restrictions for Russian citizens and called for a special tribunal to hold Russia to account.


A standing ovation for Zelensky after his speech

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