Cousin of Ridouan T. finds new lawyer, shortly after predecessors quit | NOW

Cousin of Ridouan T. finds new lawyer, shortly after predecessors quit | NOW
Cousin of Ridouan T. finds new lawyer, shortly after predecessors quit | NOW

Youssef T., the nephew and ex-lawyer of the alleged top criminal Ridouan T., lost his own lawyers on Wednesday. The duo decided to drop their defense. A few hours later, T. had a new lawyer with André Seebregts.

Lawyer Yassine Bouchikhi did not want to explain why he had stopped working for Youssef T. His colleague Haroon Raza could not be reached for comment.

Seebregts, in turn, did not want to comment on his appointment. The lawyer also assists another cousin of Ridouan T., Anouar T., who is suspected of involvement in the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum three years ago.

A new preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for Tuesday. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) suspects Youssef T. of being the link between the detainee Ridouan T. and the outside world.

He is said to have helped his client and family member plan a violent outbreak or escape. In addition, he would have helped Ridouan T. to continue his drug trade.

A life sentence has been demanded against Ridouan T.. In the large liquidation process Marengo, he is suspected of, among other things, six murders and four attempts.

OM suspects lawyer of aiding escape plans

According to the OM, Ridouan T. and his lawyer cousin were working on three different plans for a violent outbreak or escape. Youssef T. was arrested on 8 October during a visit to Ridouan T. in the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught. He’s been stuck ever since.

Last year, Youssef T. visited his cousin dozens of times in the EBI as a lawyer. After a while, the judiciary got the suspicion that the two were discussing very different things than legal issues. The Public Prosecution Service then started an investigation, in which the men were intercepted and filmed with hidden cameras during the visits.

Youssef T. has since been removed from the tableau, the list of people who are allowed to work as lawyers. So he is no longer a lawyer. Youssef T. had a law firm in Utrecht.

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