Bystanders shocked after another stabbing in Vlissingen: ‘It is rife’

Bystanders shocked after another stabbing in Vlissingen: ‘It is rife’
Bystanders shocked after another stabbing in Vlissingen: ‘It is rife’

“I suddenly heard sirens and someone screaming,” says a neighbor. “I went outside to look and there were a lot of police and ambulances. I was then informed that someone had been stabbed.”

Another man who lives in Winkelmanstraat soon heard from another neighbor that a house had been stabbed. He understood from the neighbor that the woman is not well. “It happens an awful lot, it seems like everyone is walking with a knife these days.”

A gentleman on a scooter also came to take a look, after he heard many sirens. He is concerned about the number of stabbings in the city recently: “It is rife.” Earlier this month, 20-year-old Rainée was killed in a stabbing incident at Bellamy Park during a student festival.

Police said some time after the stabbing that the victim and suspect were known to each other. Although the two incidents are unrelated, the gentleman says he is concerned. “I drive a scooter, you never know what they’re doing. There’s a chance someone will attack you. That can happen.”

Another man just came from the coffee shop and drove past the crime scene. “I see all the police at once and then I know again that enough has happened in this city. Nauseous,” said the passerby. He is also concerned: “Ukraine is at war with Russia. Then you know who your enemy is. Here you no longer know who your enemy and friend is. That is the worst, that you no longer know who is next to you and above you live.”

“If I used to go out and I knocked over someone’s beer, I would give him a new beer. Then there was nothing wrong. Then we continue. Nowadays you get the upside-down beer glass pressed into your nose. The acceptance is hard to find and then you keep seeing these kinds of scenes.”

Research is still underway, both in the house and in the neighborhood.

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