Who has the biggest? Best street fishermen in Europe cast their rods in Ghent: “We don’t allow ‘pan anglers’” (Ghent)


The best ‘street fishermen’ in Europe gather in Ghent in October. During ‘Open Street Gent’, anglers work in pairs to find the largest predatory fish in our inland waters.

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Things are getting better with the Ghent inland waterways. The water is clearer and more plants are growing. The effects of this will be noticed by avid fishermen in the fish stock. “In addition to the perch and the pike-perch, now even the pike feels more and more at home in Ghent,” says Maarten Roegiers (46), chairman of the Flemish Predatory Fish Federation and one of the organizers of ‘Open Street Ghent’.

Roegiers has been fishing all his life. Ten years ago, he and his daughter took part in the first gathering in Ghent for predator angling enthusiasts. Gradually, his role grew. On October 22, lovers of . will come street fishing from all over Europe back to Ghent. 50 duos have already registered. This makes ‘Open Street Gent’ one of the biggest competitions in the Benelux. The aim is for pairs to catch two of the same species as large as possible.

pan fishermen

It is important that the fish are thrown back into the water after the photo. “The animals should be treated with gentleness,” says Roegiers. “Fishermen should carefully remove the hook and immediately return the fish to the water after the photo is taken. Pan fishermen are not allowed. That would not be good for the fish stock and the water quality is not yet good enough for that.” (read more below photo)

Maarten Roegiers — © IF

Participants are between 10 and 80 years old. street fishing came over from Paris and is becoming increasingly popular in Ghent. “You shouldn’t spend hours staring at a float and carrying a mountain of material with you,” explains Roegiers. “You grab your bike, a light rod and a landing net and you’re off. Moreover, because we work with lures, you should not keep worms in your mom’s fridge or make your own food. It is an affordable hobby and a perfect pastime.”

Port Ganda

Hotspots for fishermen include Portus Ganda and the Prinsenhof. “I hear stories from fishermen who have already caught a one-metre pike there,” says Roegiers. “Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to catch a pike in Ghent. Maybe I’ll make it in October. Autumn is the best season for fishing. Then the animals get ready for the winter and they are the most hungry. But I take comfort in the knowledge that the best fishing stories are about the fish you just didn’t catch. So a lot will be told on October 22.”

Info and registrations: Open Street Ghent, October 22, 2022, Facebook of Open Street Ghent

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