Emergency police consultation on tackling illegal mopeds race after 16-year-old’s death

This morning there was an emergency meeting in Suriname about the tough approach to illegal racing competitions with mopeds, which are mainly held at Lelydorp. This in response to the tragic death of a 16-year-old moped rider.

Kevin M. was racing on his moped with others on the road when he collided with another moped rider while overtaking and lost control of the handlebars. He landed hard on the ground and was not approachable (photo). He died in hospital a few days later.

The preparations that are being made to tackle the illegal moped race were discussed, says Milton Bisschop spokesperson for the Surinamese police. The police will increase surveillance at those locations in the region and act against any kind of disorder.

Present at this emergency meeting with the acting regional Police Commander of Wanica, the inspector of police 1st class Dennis Kariokromo, were the district commanders of the central region, the traffic department and the neighborhood manager.

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The article is in Dutch

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