Watch Utreg Kwis from the couch, at work, in the sports canteen or in the cafe

Watch Utreg Kwis from the couch, at work, in the sports canteen or in the cafe
Watch Utreg Kwis from the couch, at work, in the sports canteen or in the cafe

The Groate Utreg Kwis starts on Saturday September 24 at 4 p.m. on RTV-Utrecht. Everyone who participates in the competition in approximately 50 teams has now been told at which location he/she or them should be to participate. New registrations are no longer possible.

Those who stay at home can join in on the couch. And even better, those who wish can follow the Utregse Kwis in a café or make appointments at work or in the canteen of the sports club to watch and participate together.

If you go to watch via RTV-Utrecht, make sure to have a pen and paper at hand so that they can write down the answers to the questions asked by Koos Marsman. Anyone who participates in this way will get a good idea of ​​what he/she or them from us city know. If the result is disappointing, remember: the most important thing is that the quiz is especially fun because everyone learns something about Utrecht from it.

Own competition

A very good idea is if Utrecht residents participate in De Groate Utreg Kwis in cafes, at work or in sports canteens. Create your own competition and ensure a fun 900 years of Utrecht afternoon. And whoever participates at home or in the cafe, the sports canteen or at work: let us know how it went by e-mail to: [email protected] We will post the best comments on our website.

We will also post the results of the preliminary rounds on our website www.degroateutregkwis from Sunday. This makes it possible to empathize with the participants who participate in the competition at the locations. After three rounds, two teams from each location (five pieces spread across Utrecht) will advance to the final that takes place in the Utrecht Library.

The preliminary rounds are on September 24, October 8 and October 22, each starting at 4 p.m. The final is on November 5 and starts at 8 p.m.

The broadcast of De Groate Utreg Kwis can be followed not only on RTV-Utrecht but also on U-Stad and a live stream via YouTube. DUIC is media partner of De Groate Utreg Kwis.

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