After many setbacks, finally gold for Switzerland: ‘We really wanted to win’

After many setbacks, finally gold for Switzerland: ‘We really wanted to win’
After many setbacks, finally gold for Switzerland: ‘We really wanted to win’

A few hundredths. The Swiss lost third place to Italy at the Mixed Relay World Cup last year by a small difference. This year they were luckier. Switzerland was the strongest after an exciting battle with the Italians. The winners were delighted with the gold medal.

Stefan Küng missed the gold in the individual time trial by just three seconds. This time it was hit. “It’s great, it feels really good. We are a small country, but a big cycling nation and especially in the time trial: we to rock this discipline. We have a good team spirit. We knew we would do well, but we didn’t expect so well,” Küng said Eurosport. ‘It was great to ride with these two gentlemen (Stefan Bissegger and Mauro Schmid, ed.), and then encourage the ladies. It’s wonderful that we succeeded.’

Schmid was the youngest of the six and was proud of the team performance. He had ridden with Bissegger before. “It was a great effort from the team. I’ve already ridden on the track with Stefan, so know how to stay in his wheel. That was my job, to occasionally lead the way. So it went very well.’

‘This means a lot to our country’

Bissegger praised the Swiss’ tactics. “The strategy was to pull away fast and keep the pace high. Fortunately we had the motor Küng, we could sit comfortably behind him. He was very strong today. The girls also had a special strategy and it worked perfectly. We all had a good time. It means a lot to our country.’ Marlen Reusser explained the Swiss ladies’ strategy. “Our strategy was also to start hard, but so that everyone would survive. We had to be nice to each other so that we could make it to the end. That worked out well.’

Elise Chabbey emphasized the joy after missing out on a slice in Belgium last year. ‘Last year we just missed the podium, this year we really wanted to win. It was quite difficult for me to keep up with the pace, Marlen rode really hard. That made it not so much fun,” said Chabbey. Her teammate Nicole Koller hardly rides on the road but was invited to complete this team time trial. ‘I want to thank everyone behind this project: the staff, but also the people at home. For me this was a wonderful opportunity, I’m not really a road cyclist. We are grateful and would like to continue working like this’, concludes Koller.

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