“From one to four packaging machines in a short time”

“In recent years we have made some investments in new machines, including GNA’s Wrap Box 600 packaging machine. We currently have four of them. We have not modified them in any way and yet we have been able to create packaging lines that are completely are tailored to our needs,” says Massimo Malagrinò, sales director of Ortofrutta Malagrinò, an Italian company specializing in the cultivation, processing, storage, packaging and marketing of citrus, stone fruit and vegetables.

Massimo Malagrinò in a company citrus grove (Photo: Valentina Gullo, photo provided by Ortofrutta Malagrinò)

“Nowadays, the operations in the packing station are becoming more and more robotic and as a company we do not want to be unprepared for future developments. We chose GNA because of the good reputation of this company and because their machines offer us an internal production advantage. Where we used to crate of 2 or 2.3 kg manually, the machines now do that, which is certainly an advantage, as the labor shortage is becoming more and more acute year after year,” says Malagrinò.

Another advantage of the Wrap Box, according to the sales director, is that innovative and unconventional materials can be used. “We attach importance to the sustainability aspect and that is why from this year, and in particular in the coming citrus season, we will use cellulose for our crates on two of our GNA packaging machines. We have purchased rolls of paper and linen/cotton mesh for this purpose for the ‘ window’ in the packaging. That way the product can breathe and can also be seen by the consumer.”

Sample of a carton that will be used for citrus in the coming season.

The Wrap Box 600 packaging machine is flexible and can therefore be used for a wide range of products. “The machine is mainly used for small products, such as clementines, and for cartons from 2 to 10 kilos.”

Ortofrutta Malagrinò, meanwhile, is wrapping up the stone fruit season, while continuing with melons and vegetables. “We supply Italian, Polish, Croatian and to a lesser extent German supermarkets. It is not so much the conflict in Eastern Europe that worries us regarding the citrus season (clementines and oranges), but the increase in material costs in Italy and Europe in general.”

Features of the Wrap Box 600
One of the main areas of application for the Wrap Box 600 is the fruit and vegetable sector. The Wrap Box 600 is designed to heat seal a micro or macro perforated film or an extruded gauze + foil cover or even cotton or linen gauze and paper to cardboard or wood.

All functions, parameters and formats of cartons with the dimensions 20×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 30×50 cm and 40×60 cm can be visualized via the control panel. Box size changes are automatically managed by the PLC. The variations in width, height and position of the adhesive are inserted along with the length of the film. No manual adjustments are required. The machine packs up to 30 cartons per minute.

Investment in the future
“I would definitely recommend my colleagues in the sector to invest in the Wrap Box 600 packaging machine, because the type of packaging the machine works with is in high demand by Italian and foreign supermarket chains. Our goal, like that of all growers, is to sell our own products. We have an extra asset for this with the Wrap Box 600. In addition, GNA has an excellent after-sales service and we are supported both remotely and on location,” says Malagrinò.

When we think of investments, we spontaneously think of the crisis and price increases that companies have experienced in recent times. “We are trying to absorb the impact. We have to make ends meet and at least reach the break-even point in the next two years. We are not even talking about profit margins, because in such an economic situation it is already a success if you don’t have to close your business. We invest in ourselves, in the knowledge that after rain comes sunshine”, concludes Malagrinò on a positive note.

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