Hockey on TV: men’s top Amsterdam

Anyone who likes to follow hockey from the couch this weekend can indulge themselves. The TV guide is almost bursting with live hockey. Of course we also highlight a number of duels with

On the second day of matches in the Women’s Hoofdklasse and Men’s Tulip Hoofdklasse, the NOS will broadcast the match between the men of Amsterdam and HGC live from 14.45 on NPO1. The match can also be followed online via, De NOS also pays attention to the women’s duel: a summary of Amsterdam – HGC can be seen at NOS Studio Sport.
Viaplay has designated the matches between Amsterdam and HGC – the women of both clubs also play against each other – as match of the week. That also applies to the Saturday matches at Kampong. On the Klapperboom, the streaming service presents a live broadcast and analyzes around the women’s match between Kampong and Tilburg (4.30 p.m.) and the duel between the men from Kampong and Voordaan. All major league matches on Saturday and Sunday can be seen live at Viaplay. The streaming service will broadcast a summaries program on Sunday evening at 9 p.m. The summaries of all matches can also be seen on

Valentijn Charbon on behalf of Amsterdam last season during the duel with HGC. Photo: Koen Suyko

The reporters of are standing in front of you along the line and keep you informed from minute to minute. For example, in the double at Bloemendaal on Sunday, the men and women of Rotterdam compete for the win at ‘t Kopje. We are also present in the Men’s Tulip Hoofdklasse at the match between Pinoké, the number two of last season, against Den Bosch, which held national champion Bloemendaal to a draw last week.

Women’s Top

The first women’s top of the season will take place on the Oosterplas: Den Bosch will take on SCHC. The two women’s teams were in the final for the national championship last season, in which Den Bosch took the win.

Frédérique Matla in a duel with Xan de Waard last season during the third and decisive final match for the national title between SCHC and Den Bosch. Photo: Willem Vernes

Finally, we also do not forget the Promotion Class. We are standing along the line at the Nijmegen – SCHC, a duel that is attractive on paper in any case. Dutch big league relegator SCHC will do everything it can to promote again this season. Nijmegen was very successful last season by finishing in fourth place.

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