Belgian Solar Team finishes in 2nd place after a day of bad luck

Belgian Solar Team finishes in 2nd place after a day of bad luck
Belgian Solar Team finishes in 2nd place after a day of bad luck

The Agoria Solar Team was able to start second in the Sasol Solar Challenge on Friday. After a smooth start, the Belgians had a day full of bad luck. The follower car of the solar car, which checks the status of the solar car, drove through a pit and got two flat tires. The trailer was quickly changed. A few hours later, a bump in the road caused the solar car to land on two wheels. As a result, many kilometers were lost today.


After a successful qualifying round the day before yesterday, the Belgian Solar Team was able to start second today in the Sasol Solar Challenge, a competition for solar cars in South Africa. The KU Leuven students had a smooth start. Unfortunately, this was not a harbinger of how the rest of the day would go.

eventful day

Due to two flat tires on the trailer of the solar car, the team had to change trailer very quickly. Part of the team and stayed behind along with some of the equipment.

Unfortunately, the bad luck didn’t stop there for the students. When the solar car slowed to take a turn, it started to skid due to an unexpected bump in the road. The solar chariot landed on two wheels and scraped its sides against the ground. After a short stop to check the car, it was possible to continue driving. For safety reasons, the solar car continued to drive at a reduced speed, so fewer kilometers were covered today than hoped.


This night the car was thoroughly checked and the necessary repairs were carried out to ensure that the car can start tomorrow in top condition. In the coming week, the students will do everything they can to make up for the lost kilometers of today. The team will arrive in Cape Town on Friday 16 September with their solar car.

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