READ BACK: This is how neighbor dispute was won by VV Katwijk with 1-3 from Quick Boys


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THE HAGUE – At Sportpark Nieuw-Zuid, the Katwijk derby will be played this afternoon without any away supporters between Quick Boys and VV Katwijk. From 2 p.m., don’t miss out on this neighborly dispute via 89.3 FM Radio West and this live blog.

90. Final score: 1-3

It’s over at Sportpark Nieuw-Zuid. A lightning start gave VV Katwijk a 1-3 win in the derby against Quick Boys.

  • 0-1 Susan
  • 0-2 From Mil
  • 0-3 El Azzouti
  • 1-3 El Kachatic

86. 1-3

Quick Boys saves the credit. Youssef El Kachati makes it 1-3 just before time.

67. Sinteur lashes out

VV Katwijk defender Bart Sinteur tries and sees his effort almost reach the net. A blue-white leg prevents the 0-4.

58. Yellow Quick Boys

Ravelino Junte is shown a yellow card for knocking Lars Weistra to the ground.

55. Quick Boys Try

46. ​​Second Half Starts

45. Rest

A stinging whistle concert is heard at Sportpark Nieuw-Zuid where Quick Boys face a 0-3 deficit in the derby against VV Katwijk. The home side needs a miracle in the second half.

38. Yellow

Quick Boys player Youssef El Kachati and VV Katwijk player Lars Weistra receive a receipt after a disturbance.

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35. Almost 0-4!

The crossbar and the line prevent the 0-4 for VV Katwijk. Or was the ball over the line?

30. Injury Treatment

VV Katwijk captain Robbert Susan just had to be treated. He seems to be able to continue for the time being.

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The match is not only followed in Katwijk.

23. 0-3

Things are going very fast at Sportpark Nieuw-Zuid, because everything is flying in for VV Katwijk. Ahmed El Azzouti makes it 0-3 after 23 minutes. This is a huge deception for the home team.


Check out photos just before kick-off here:

16. 0-2

With more than fifteen minutes on the clock, it is already 0-2 for the visitors from Katwijk-Noord. Now it is Killian van Mil who finishes successfully. Will Quick Boys survive this blow?

Big screens

There are no away supporters at the derby. The fans of VV Katwijk therefore watch the match on large screens.

6. 0-1

And there is already the lead for VV Katwijk! Captain Robbert Susan heads the visitors ahead. Standings: 0-1.

kick off

13.55 – Line-up VV Katwijk

13.50 – Quick Boys line-up

13.40 – Quick Boys trainer Grünholz looks ahead

13.30 – Referee

The game is led by referee Sander de Brito Roque.

13.20 – VV Katwijk trainer Correia looks ahead

13.15 – A beautiful field

12.55 – Katwijk support

12.45 – No away supporters

In the matches between VV Katwijk, Quick Boys and Rijnsburgse Boys, no away supporters are welcome for the next two seasons. The reason for the measures was the eleven children and five adults who were injured last year during the Rijnsburgse Boys – Quick Boys game. Supporters threw fireworks at each other just before kick-off. Children suffered burns as flaming torches were thrown into the crowd.

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