‘The world must take responsibility for the fight against ISIS’

‘The world must take responsibility for the fight against ISIS’
‘The world must take responsibility for the fight against ISIS’
  • Rojava/Northern and Eastern Syria

For more than two weeks, security forces of northern and eastern Syria have been searching the al-Hol refugee and internment camp near Hesekê for members of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS). So far, five women have been released from IS captivity in the operation coordinated by the command of the Internal Security Forces (Asayîş) and supported by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). More than 150 suspected IS members were arrested, including dozens of women. The security forces have seized numerous weapons and discovered underground bunkers. Two SDF fighters were killed when they prevented a seven-member IS cell from escaping.

Dilbirîn Kobanê, the commander of the Women’s People’s Protection Units (YPJ) is one of the coordinators of the operation and spoke to ANF News Agency about the current situation. She points out that camp al-Hol is a ticking time bomb for the entire world, but no one takes responsibility for it. Dilbirîn Kobanê emphasizes that the first phase of the operation was launched last year under the command of Jiyan Tolhildan. Jiyan Tolhildan, along with Roj Xabûr and Barîn Botan, was killed by Turkey in a targeted deadly drone attack in July.

“The first step was taken under the command of Jiyan Tolhildan”

“The first phase of the Humanitarian Security Operation was launched as IS cells became more active and spread chaos in the region. Very important results were obtained from the operation, many cells were intercepted. After the military defeat in the spring of 2019, IS wanted to reorganize in al-Bagouz and use the camp for its own purposes. Therefore, something had to be done and the first step was taken under the command of Jiyan Tolhildan. The second phase of the operation could only start with great delay because the Turkish state attacks the region. The camp has been guarded for a long time and the danger has increased because IS is not only reorganizing there, but also doing other things. Therefore, the operation had to be continued. The existence of the camp is a threat not only to our region, but to the entire world. IS provides training and disseminates its ideas. That is why we must fulfill our humanitarian duty. The Rojava revolution is a revolution of humanity and we see it as our responsibility to eliminate all dangers,” said the YPJ commander.

‘The world must take a stance on rebuilding IS’

Dilbirîn Kobanê reports on the conduct of the operation: “IS members responsible for murders and other crimes were arrested. One of the goals of the operation is to dismantle tents used by IS for training, Sharia courts and planning and torture centers. The IS cells hide their weapons in underground bunkers and tunnels. Bodies and tortured people were also found. Another major reason for the surgery is the indoctrination of children that takes place. The situation in the camp is well known and poses a danger to the whole world, but the whole burden rests on Rojava. To reduce the danger, everyone must take responsibility. But the whole world is just watching.

IS is reinforced by the Turkish state. The Turkish attacks have led to more massacres in the region and delayed the start of the operation. The IS is not only organized in camp al-Hol, it is active in the region and carries out attacks. The murders committed in the camp are documented and made public. That is why we say that everyone should fulfill the task that belongs to them. It’s not just about Rojava, it’s about a global threat. That is why the peoples of the world must also respond to this.”

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