Floor collapses during youth party at the Tinekesfeesten, party abruptly interrupted

What was supposed to be a super dance party ‘FRIDAY BEATS’ has been abruptly cut short. Just after midnight the floor collapsed at the Tinekesfeesten. The packed tent was cleared and the party, which the young people look forward to every year, ended on a low note. Apart from this incident, Friday evening was again a success. The festival has started. Heule is back in full party mode.

“Your enthusiasm on Friday Beats yesterday was great, very great. So big that our plank floor has given up for a while and we have to take measures in function of safety,” writes the Tinekes working group on their Facebook page. When the dance floor collapsed, the youth was partying ‘full house’. Fortunately there were no injuries. As the car park slopes, a construction will be built under the wooden floor. This construction broke down during the party. The cause is still unknown. The Tinekes working group was able to restore this that night.

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Today the Dorpsbrunch and the Heu(l)se Dorpsquiz will continue in this tent as foreseen. There is still uncertainty whether the performances of performances by, among others, Crooked Steps and Weekend Warriors will continue in this tent. You can follow the update on the Tinekesfeesten Facebook page.

Fortunately, the rain sluices remained closed during the night market. Just before the night market, the thunder gods made their appearance. A heavy thunderstorm caused some concern among market vendors and catering operators. The night market brought a lot of people to their feet.

Procession candidates and performance test

The traditional procession through the night market was colorful and noisy. The 10 candidates had to pimp a bicycle. This resulted in a colorful procession with a lot of noise. The results looked beautiful and captivated the many spectators. Afterwards, the candidates introduced themselves to the full Heuleplaats. With a lot of people and remarkably large groups of supporters, there was a great atmosphere. The fire of the ambiance came from the candidates. The ten candidates managed to overcome the feared performance fear this year. The battle for the coveted Tinekeslint has begun.

Confrerie De Griffioen welcomed 600 partygoers at the Muster site. The party, where the over 30s were previously present, was a success together with The Woodbeez, The Juliets and DJ Dimer. It was a full dance floor until ‘hole in the night’.

Today is the second day of the festive weekend. Hopefully it stays dry. Heule proves once again that it is a party community. The organizers can already be satisfied and proud.


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