Hute-te-tuut (73) about Bonn and graveyard tourists

Hute-te-tuut (73) about Bonn and graveyard tourists
Hute-te-tuut (73) about Bonn and graveyard tourists

‘We are walking across a beautiful cemetery’, I tell my son, who asks me what we are doing in Bonn. Geej liek (note the word liek…) waal graveyard tourist, is his response. Yes, he is right about that (note the word corpse…), haha. During holidays we often visit cemeteries. We were in Málaga, Valencia, Bonn, Cologne, Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Prague, Albufeira and Krakow. Closer in Maastricht, Margraten, Baarlo, Reuver, Belfeld, Venlo and of course Tegelen. The latter place has some overdue maintenance, but that aside, most people I’ve known ‘live’ here.

Cemeteries have always fascinated me. For me, a graveyard is not a grim, grim, dark place, but rather a beautiful place. Especially in large cities, it is nice to seek out the silence in between when we are tired of the noise of cars, buses and trams, when we want to escape the crowds of people around us or when it is sweltering hot and we want to seek some shade. The tranquility, the age-old trees, the old graves, the tombstones overgrown with ivy and moss, wonderful to stroll around at our leisure. Nothing sinister, we are just (still) sober, after all death comes for all of us.

Back to Bonn. Opposite our hotel, a former seminary with associated senior citizen complex Nova Vita (funny name for an Altesheim, new life) is ‘Der Alte Friedhof’. A must for graveyard tourists like us. The iron entrance gate swings open, as befits a gate at a final resting place, squeaking and creaking. We pass the grave of Ludwig van Beethoven’s mother, read texts on tombstones and admire the impressive grave monument of composer Robert Schumann. Afterwards we sit on a bench for quite some time and enjoy the peace and coolness, pffff. Finally, we also have the meste petatte gaete and our legs have earned a break.

The next day we visit the ‘Haus der Geschichte’ in the Bonner district of Gronau, a museum about the history of Germany from 1945 to the present. So recognizable, so captivatingly exhibited, interesting for young and old and moreover… free entry. Always good for the not-a-penny-too ​​much Dutchman.

Bonn, once capital of West Germany, city of Beethoven, city of Haribo (HANs RIegel BOnn) power Kinder froh, city on the Rhine, about 100 kilometers from Venlo is really worth a visit or in good German: Bonn, c’est tres bon!

Ruth Schouwenberg-Dings

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