This is what you can do today on Open Monument Day

This is what you can do today on Open Monument Day
This is what you can do today on Open Monument Day

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Today is Open Monument Day again. On this day, thousands of monuments open their doors to the public for free. Discover for yourself the stories and the beauty of the monuments in the municipality of Katwijk.

The opening is at 10:00 am at the Valkenburg Flight Camp Visitors Center. Or visit one of the churches, a house (EA Borgerstraat 1), take a tour of the graves of sailors, view the Spinoza House or ‘climb’ the Torenmuseum Oud Valkenburg.

Exhibition historical fire brigade material of the Fire Brigade Hollands Midden
Photo exhibition in the K&O building
Exhibition in the Rijnsburgs Museum
The old lifeboat Kurt Carlsen, which served in Noordwijk from 1953 to 1990, can be seen in the Oude Redschuur
Exhibition about the history of Valkenburg in the Torenmuseum in Valkenburg.

Guided tours/walks
City Hall
Guided tours of the town hall are provided every hour from 11 a.m. The last tour is at 4 PM.
Old cemetery
Guided tour along the graves of sailors based on the book Willem van der Plas on the Old Cemetery on the Zuidstraat in Katwijk aan Zee.
Church of Peace
It is possible to visit the different areas with a guide.
King Willem-Alexander pumping station
A guided tour is provided throughout the day.
Merovech Park
In the Merovech Park, the old burial field that has been converted into a green oasis, information boards explain the archaeological finds from 560-725 AD that were found there.
Park behind the Wilbert
A walk has been set out in the gardens around the Wilbert/Het Heerenhuys. Do you want to experience how the boys and their teachers walked through the gardens, see what reminds you of earlier times and discover which statues are and were there? Then pick up the walking brochure at the Roskam.

Concerts and musical performance
Organ concerts are given in the following churches:

Church of Peace, Katwijk
New Church, Katwijk
Joannes the Baptist Church, Katwijk aan den Rijn
Village church, Katwijk aan den Rijn
Laurentius Church, Rijnsburg

A permanent part of Open Monuments Day in the municipality of Katwijk is the bicycle route along monuments. This starts and ends at the town hall of Katwijk. The route takes you through the various village centres, past the monuments and special points of interest. You can of course start and continue the route at your own discretion. The route description with extensive background information can be found in the middle of the Open Monumentendag 2022 Magazine, which is distributed door-to-door.

On the website of the municipality there is an overview of which monuments are open in Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg.

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