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Are you still recovering from Far Out? We do! In addition to the various iPhone 14 variants, there was also room for the new Apple Watch. There were no fewer than three. But how expensive are they and when can you expect them at home? We tell you.

We knew it in advance anyway: there will be an Apple Watch Series 8. In addition to the iPhone, Apple’s smartwatch has become an annual tradition. However, this time it was something different, because two other models were also presented: the Apple Watch SE and of course the new flagship among smart watches: the Ultra.

The Apple Watch Series 8

Let’s start with the most recognizable model: the Apple Watch Series 8. Of course the watch has all kinds of innovations compared to its predecessor. Perhaps the most eye-catching is the temperature function. It is measured every five seconds and then you can see the results in the Health app. You can read about all the other functions in this article.

Price and availability Apple Watch Series 8

Of course, the smartwatch is available in different compositions. You can choose from different types of straps and between a case of aluminum or stainless steel. These are also available in different colors: midnight, starlight, gold, graphite, silver and (PRODUCT)RED, each with different prices.

The smartwatch can now be ordered from Apple. A week later, on September 16, you will receive it. Below you will find the prices

  • Series 8 Aluminum 41mm GPS | from €499
  • Series 8 Aluminum 41mm GPS + Cellular | from €619
  • Series 8 Aluminum 45mm GPS | from €539
  • Series 8 Aluminum 45mm GPS + Cellular | from €659
  • Series 8 Stainless Steel 41mm GPS + Cellular | from €849
  • Series 8 Stainless Steel 45mm GPS + Cellular | from €899
Series 8 (Image: Mark Hoffman / OMT)

Apple Watch SE

Apple also comes with a cheaper entry-level model. This is the Apple Watch SE. This is a budget model, so ideal for people who don’t ask too much from a smartwatch. You therefore have no functions such as measuring body temperature. We make it your ideal sports assistant.

Apple Watch SE
The SE. (Image: Apple)

Price and availability

As with the Series 8, the Apple Watch SE also offers a wide choice of different types and colors of straps. The aluminum case is available in the colors silver, starlight and midnight.

This smartwatch can also be ordered from now on, after which it will be delivered on September 16. Two different models are available. These are the prices

  • SE 40mm GPS | from €299
  • SE 40mm GPS + Cellular | from €349
  • SE 44mm GPS | from €339
  • SE 44mm GPS + Cellular | from €389

Apple Watch Ultra

Last but not least, the Ultra. This is Apple’s new flagship when it comes to smartwatches. This is the model where you demand the utmost from your smartwatch. What is immediately noticeable is that it has an extra button on the left side. Something we have not seen before with a smartwatch.

The real adventurer will get his money’s worth. It has a dive computer that allows you to make dives up to 40 meters. With an 86 decibel siren you can attract the attention of others if you are lost in a remote area, for example.

Apple Watch Ultra
Ultra (Image: Mark Hoffman / OMT)

Price and availability

Unlike the other Apple Watch variant, the Ultra only has a single size. In addition, the device is GPS + Cellular. You also have less choice in terms of colors and material. For example, only titanium is available.

The premium model for the real adventurer is now available to order. It will be delivered from September 23.

  • Ultra 49mm GPS + Cellular | from €999

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What is the advantage of an Apple Watch to Van, for example, a Suunto, Garmin or Polar sports watch?

Watches that have a much better battery life, are water resistant up to 100 meters.
Have fifty or more sport profiles.
Sports watches, which can also receive messages and also for a lower price and measure my VO2 Max.

When I look at myself, I see few benefits.
I use 4 apps daily:
-Strava (run 5x/week)
I think it goes perfectly with the other watches.

The reason for me was that the price of such a Polar was equal to that of the Apple watch and hence the choice.

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