Spittaalstraat goes back in time

Spittaalstraat goes back in time
Spittaalstraat goes back in time

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Shops are open, there are demonstrations and various activities such as old crafts, children’s games, dance groups and old agricultural implements

ZUTPHEN – On Saturday September 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., during the Zutphense Mop Day and the Open Monument Weekend, the Ondernemers Vereniging Spittaalstraat (OVS) is organizing a day with the theme: Back in Time. On this day the shops are open and some studio owners give a demonstration. In addition, there are various other activities to experience.

At 21 places in the street there are small stalls with old photos of buildings or part of the street, accompanied by a piece of text about the history.
There is also a photo taken of the honorary gate on the occasion of the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina in September 1898. There is a painting at the top of the gate. The original painting has now been donated by a former resident of Spittaalstraat to the Entrepreneurs Association Spitaalstraat (OVS) and can be admired today. He received the painting from his father who had a cigar shop in the Spittaalstraat in the 1930s and he was convinced that this gate used to be in the Spittaalstraat.

children’s games
For the children there are old Dutch games, draw billiards, hole cheese game, stick catch, angle shuffleboard, shuffleboard sliding boomerang, giant shuffleboard, wheel rollers, ring toss, swinging board, balancing marble, bean bag throwing, ball throwing board, tin throwing and a cat and mouse game, which they can participate in for free. can do and afterwards they can pick up a free cotton candy as a reward.

In 2021 a special new project started: the ArcheoHotspot in Zutphen. ArcheoHotspots are locations where visitors can get acquainted with archeology in an accessible way. Employees talk about archeology as a profession and about the archeology of the area. What makes Zutphen’s ArcheoHotspot so special is that it is the first mobile version.

Set up in a trailer, this ArcheoHotspot will be in style on September 10 in the Spittaalstraat. ArcheoHotspots are designed to make archeology accessible to everyone. Not only can visitors get information about the profession, but they can touch, feel and study archaeological material themselves. For example, visitors to the Zutphen ArcheoHotspot can identify animal bone material (examine what kind of bones they are and from which animals they come) and trace archaeological finds – like a real archaeologist. We are continuously working on updating existing and developing new activities, so that the offer at the ArcheoHotspot changes regularly.

The mobile ArcheoHotspot in Zutphen is a collaboration between the archaeological open-air museum Erve Eme, Musea Zutphen, Erfgoedcentrum Zutphen, Team Archeology and Erfgoed Gelderland. The project was realized with the help and contributions of the Cultural Participation Fund, Everyone’s Museum, Bibi Bodegom Cultural Projects, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and TijdLab.

Old crafts
Old crafts such as glass engraving, pyrography, beekeeper, cutlery smith, wax candle maker, wood turner, mustard maker, clog maker, basket maker and a paper maker are also present. High quality crafts are performed in a nostalgic way, handicrafts that are learned to practice a profession. They produce and process tangible products or groceries, demonstrate passionately and tell about their often forgotten profession. They are dressed in traditional costume or a schab (farmer’s smock) appropriate to their profession. The handmade products are also sold on site.

Folkloric dance group
The Folkloric Dance Group Hellendoorn, founded in 1955, had their first performance in the gardens of the Royal Palace in Soestdijk during Queen’s Day. They will give several demonstrations this day. If you like rock and roll, the twist or the boogie woogie, come and see the Swinggroep. The dances that are danced here come from the 50s and 60s. Partly due to the colorful clothing, it is a swinging whole.

More of a 30s – 40s dance lover? Then come and see the group ‘de Noabers’. The dances that are danced here are from the period 1930-1940, think of the Veleta, the Bernardwals but also dances flown over from America, the Boomps-A-Daisy, the Teton Mountain stomp, Boston two step and the Cindy Swing. They try as much as possible to wear authentic clothing from that time with matching hats. The cheerful music also comes from that time, think of songs by the Ramblers, Eddie Christiani, Johnny Jordaan and Annie de Reuver.

Old tractors and agricultural machines
For lovers of old tractors and agricultural machines, there are a few models in the street on behalf of the De Oude Trekker en Motoren Vereniging (OTMV), a national Dutch association with more than 6400 members. The association was founded in September 1979 with the aim of collecting and restoring historically interesting tractors, agricultural machines, stationary engines and associated tools. The Fehamec was founded in 2016, partly on the initiative of the OTMV. They work together with other associations here to promote the interests of the members in the field of historical agricultural heritage. Some private owners of vintage cars want to show their pride on this day, for example a special Lancia from 1960, a Ford Mustang from 1965, a Renault Caravelle from 1962 and an old Daf. A group of traditional costumes will be on display together with old bicycles and whoever wants can take a picture with them.

If you want to have a moment of peace while shopping and looking at all the beautiful things, you can visit the terrace for a snack and a drink with quiet music from the past in the background. The OVS has done its best to provide a nice and broad program and hopes to welcome many this day in the Spittaalstraat. So come and have a look on Saturday 10 September: a beautiful day out in Zutphen and the opportunity to combine various events and the Open Monument weekend.

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