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Scammers threaten with acid attack against those who do not pay 5,000 euros

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Dozens of Flemish people have received an email in recent days instructing them to deposit money quickly. If they don’t, they are threatened with an acid attack.

The email people found in their mailboxes was sent by someone impersonating ‘Kill’ with the subject line ‘fast service’.

Unknowns threaten with an acid attack if you do not quickly deposit 5,000 euros. “The message really scares people. It is noticeable that the e-mail is written in bad Dutch. It is probably a translation of the ‘hitman scam,’ says Safeonweb, the government’s cybersecurity service.

According to the federal police, the mail came from Anglo-Saxon countries. “There, the phenomenon has been around for some time and scammers even go a step further. They impersonate a hit man who says he was hired to kill or injure you, but if you pay you will be spared. The perpetrators also warn in the email not to contact the police.”

The Zuiderkempen police in turn warns not to contact the scammers. “To ask for the account number to which payment should be made. After all, this type of scam is only intended to scare you into transferring money without seeking further help or information. So definitely don’t go into it,” it sounds.

Throw away mail

Do not respond to such phishing messages and delete them immediately, Safeonweb warns. These messages are sent randomly. If you answer it, you will be signaling that your email address is in use and you could be scammed again.

Also, never send money or give credit card information, online account information, or personal information to anyone you don’t know.

If you have transferred money anyway, contact your bank as soon as possible so that it can block your accounts.

If this person continues to threaten you, contact the police.

The article is in Dutch

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