Johan Derksen makes mincemeat of interview skills Arjen Lubach

Johan Derksen makes mincemeat of interview skills Arjen Lubach
Johan Derksen makes mincemeat of interview skills Arjen Lubach

Since last night The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach back on the tube. Not everyone is a big fan, it turns out. Johan Derksen let in Today Inside know in unintelligible words what he thinks of the interview skills of Arjen Lubach: „House-garden-and-kitchen conversations.”

In The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach presenter and comedian Lubach ridicules current affairs. He also receives well-known guests: last night it was comedian and columnist Pieter Derks. Derksen finds – not surprisingly – something of the conversations Lubach has with his guests.

Johan Derksen does not understand Arjen Lubach’s magic

“I also want to say something about Lubach”, Derksen says in the Today Insidebroadcast from shore. “It starts again tonight. I always started summer guests, I’ve never been able to watch it completely. Lubach I watch out of interest. I met that boy once, here in the hall. Then he had a cap on and I didn’t recognize him at all. He introduced himself nicely, seems like a very nice guy.”

Derksen then makes no secret of the fact that he is not a fan of Lubach’s interview techniques. “I don’t understand the magic of Lubach. It has a very good editor. He reads that from the autocue. And then he has to do an interview and he really has to do it himself. And then it’s a house-garden-and-kitchen conversation, so why is that so ‘magical’. A lot of people look at it and I always think: why?”

Derksen believes that he can do this himself. “If they give me that autocue, I’ll read it too.” Presenter Wilfred Genee has his doubts about that „Well, that is not entirely true. I ever have you On 1 presented and that was not a success”, he says with a laugh. “Because I couldn’t read it,” Derksen defends himself.

The gentlemen joke that you can skip other talk shows anyway. “In principle, of course, there is only one talk show that has everything in it. Where you are informed, where you are entertained, where you learn something. What you really shouldn’t miss. That’s us,” says René van der Gijp.

Arjen Lubach previously lashed out at Johan Derksen

Earlier, the roles had been reversed and Lubach sneered in The Evening Show to Derksen and co. He called the program “Rape Inside”, referring to Derksen’s candle story. When Today Inside after all the commotion was temporarily taken off the tube, Lubach couldn’t resist making several jokes about it in his talk show. He imitated the VIfaces by making a comment about women. „Today Insidefans, this one was for you,” he said after the joke.

Would you like to judge for yourself what you think of interviewing Lubach? The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach can be seen every Monday to Thursday at 10.10 pm on VPRO on NPO 1. You can watch last night’s episode again via NPO Start.

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Johan Derksen makes mincemeat of interview skills Arjen Lubach: ‘House-garden-and-kitchen conversations’

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