Delilah’s mother-in-law adores son: ‘Vacuuming while we were ‘busy’

It soon becomes apparent that her then boyfriend is somewhat less independent. “His mother came to clean five times a week, twice a day. When we were home, she didn’t mind walking into the bedroom. Even when I first got a vibrator, and was just trying it out. In fact, when she once found me and my boyfriend having sex, she started vacuuming the bedroom, saying, ‘Oh, while we’re here.’”

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Dinner for four

Nice, such a cleaning lady. But the service of the mother-in-law doesn’t stop there. “She brought him a bowl of food every night, and when I had already cooked, she criticized my meals. I used too many sauces, I really couldn’t. Because that makes you so fat.”

“She was sweet, but really too sweet. My ex adores his mother, and she adores him. To the extreme. One night we were sitting on the couch watching TV. It was about sex, and my mother-in-law made a comment about my father-in-law’s big dick. Immediately after came the comment: ‘In case you were wondering where my son got his big dick… I was so surprised that I burst out laughing and thanked them for their hard work.’

Not welcome

When her then boyfriend is – briefly – but violently ill, he lives with his parents for a week. But even if he ends up in the hospital, Delilah doesn’t let her in-laws visit him. “At a certain point I no longer received messages from him, but from his mother. It was going so bad, but I was definitely not supposed to come by. They were going to do this together, as a family.”

When her boyfriend is better, the whole family acts like nothing happened. He thinks it makes sense that his mother takes care of him, because they don’t live together yet, do they? The claiming behavior begins to gnaw at Delilah. She decides to end the relationship, and not much later she receives a message from her now ex-mother-in-law. “Whether I wanted to provide them – as parents – with feedback. I gave it to her, but I had to ask my own mother for help, to bring this in a tactical way.”

“I kept it very much to myself, expressed my appreciation, and still gave them a small tip: let him go a little more now and then, so that he can develop himself. I got a very sweet response to that: that they saw that themselves, and wanted to work on it.”

*Delilah’s name has been changed, her real name is known to the editors.

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