Simone Richardson sworn in as VVD MP

September 6, 2022

Simone Richardson was sworn in as a member of parliament for the VVD on Tuesday 6 September. She temporarily replaces Ockje Tellegen, who is on sick leave. The House said goodbye to VVD MP Daan de Neef, who has given up his seat in Parliament.

Simone Richardson was number 47 on the VVD’s list of candidates in the parliamentary elections of March 2021. She lives in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Her Member of Parliament runs until October 27, 2022.

Martijn Grevink permanent Member of Parliament

Due to the departure of Daan de Neef, a parliamentary seat has become available. Martijn Grevink will therefore become a permanent Member of Parliament as of 6 September. Grevink has been sworn in before because he temporarily took over for Ockje Tellegen.

Farewell word

Speaker of the House Vera Bergkamp, ​​as usual, read the farewell letter from the departing MP. In a short farewell word she recalled that De Neef and the MPs Esther Ouwehand, Lisa Westerveld and Peter Kwint formed the so-called guitar coalition. “You went to concerts together. For those who are wondering what kind of concerts that are, Daan is a great lover of death, black and doom metal. (…) I will refrain from commenting here for a while,” Bergkamp said. She called the “unflappable friendliness” that fellow MPs attributed to De Neef.

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