Pilot new formula concept Plus Today

Pilot new formula concept Plus Today
Pilot new formula concept Plus Today

UTRECHT – Plus is starting a pilot with its new formula concept: Plus Today. According to Plus, this concept offers consumers a more complete supermarket. The formula focuses on speed and convenience with a focus on breakfast, lunch and meals in between.

During the six-month test period, the idea will be rolled out in six stores, after which it will be decided whether the concept will be implemented nationally.
“We are pleased to introduce a formula concept with Plus Today that focuses on the messages of today and tomorrow. In doing so, we are responding to the consumer’s growing need for convenience and speed. In addition to the supermarket in Noorden, we will open five more stores in the near future; Plus Today will be on the facades of Niekerk, The Hague Ursulaland, Duiven and two shops in Baarn. In this way, Plus provides good food, the neighborhood and each other in even more places,” says Peter van Mourik, Customer & Formula Director at Plus.

Plus Today has been developed for Plus stores with a smaller turnover or surface area with an important function in the district or neighbourhood. The bread and fresh food group have a prominent place in the store and customers can quickly and easily pay for their groceries at self-scan checkouts. The supermarkets will be equipped with an Instabox. This is a parcel locker where customers can pick up their parcels on a self-service basis.

The first Plus Today opens on Wednesday 28 September in the North of South Holland.

Source: Food newspaper

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