Vandersmissen-Crispel Vegetables & Fruit from Pepingen is the new Short Chain Cup

Vandersmissen-Crispel Vegetables & Fruit from Pepingen is the new Short Chain Cup
Vandersmissen-Crispel Vegetables & Fruit from Pepingen is the new Short Chain Cup

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Online 6/09/2022 17:00

The family business Vandersmissen-Crispel Groenten & Fruit from Pepingen is the winner of the Short Chain Kop election in 2022. The majority of the nearly 1,500 voters chose the family as the banner of the Short Chain. The company stands for fresh ground chicory, fresh strawberries, carrots, beans and cauliflowers.

“The Short Chain Kop election took place this year for the fourth time,” says Tom Dehaene, deputy for agriculture and horticulture. “With the election we want to show that Korte Keten lives in our province. There are fantastic regional and farm producers everywhere that are worth exploring. Thanks to the election, we put a number of them in the spotlight every year.”

Besides Vegetables and Fruit Vandersmissen-Crispel, Eric’s Gambas from Ternat, Herne Rabarber’t from Herne, Petrushoeve from Molenbeek-Wersbeek and ‘t Plukgeluk from Leuven were among the 5 laureates.

“We are extremely proud that we were elected short-chain head 2022”, we belong to the Vandersmissen-Crispel family. “It is a fantastic feeling to know that so many people are behind our (family) story and support us. With this title we have gained even more enthusiasm and energy to continue with what we are already doing today: growing vegetables with a lot of love and passion to give our customers the very best quality.”

Whole family ‘short chain’

Rudi Vandersmissen and Louisa Crispel started the family business about 35 years ago. In the meantime, sons Steven and Matthias joined the business. “Our greatest asset is word of mouth,” says Louisa. “We are always honest. If the quality of the cauliflowers is not one hundred percent, we will say so too. You can go wrong once, maybe twice, but never three times. That is our golden advice. We never sell anything that we don’t want to come home with ourselves.”

Son Steven focuses on the cultivation of their main product, open ground chicory.

“We are really proud of that,” it sounds. “We do the entire process ourselves: from sowing the seed in the field to harvesting the crop.” His brother Matthias focuses mainly on the markets. The family is present at 5 markets every week.

“In all those years we have never missed an appointment,” he says. “Bad weather or not, we’re heading there.” Under corona, the family started a farm shop.

“That was an instant success,” says Rudi. “Although we initially had our doubts because we are quite remote.” The family also started brunching in the field, where the title can be taken literally. The next edition will take place on Sunday 25 September.

Province of Flemish Brabant

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