Wakker Dier presents Liegebeest ‘prize’ to farmers

Wakker Dier presents Liegebeest ‘prize’ to farmers
Wakker Dier presents Liegebeest ‘prize’ to farmers

After all the fuss of recent times, it is almost inevitable that this year’s Liegebeest ‘prize’ will be awarded to a campaign called ‘Farmers love cows’. They were awarded the title of ‘greatest liegebeest’ by animal rights organization Wakker Dier.

The campaign of the farmers’ organization gives the impression that cows have such a good life, while according to Wakker Dier it is not so rosy at all.

Choice Liegebeest to the consumer

This ‘award’ is awarded annually to the most misleading product, expression or advertisement when it comes to animal welfare. Consumers can then vote for the nominees. In recent years, several companies, such as Albert Heijn and KFC, have received the prize. Here are the five most notable cases:

Rabobank (2018)

Half of all votes that year went to Rabobank. In their TV campaign with the slogan ‘Growing a better world together’, Rabobank pretended to want to make the food sector more sustainable. In reality, between 2012 and 2017, she invested 6.8 billion euros in broiler chickens, mega stalls and fast food chains. The bank also financed the Ukrainian broiler giant MHP, which ‘produced’ 332 million broiler chickens annually. At the time, these were as many chickens as in the whole of the Netherlands.

KFC (2015)

The fast food chain received the award because it cackles on its website page ‘Don’t worry, Eat Happy’ that you ‘don’t have to worry’, because they provide ‘good quality chicken’. But KFC just uses fried chicken. So that’s not quite right.

The term ‘free-range egg’ (2010)

One of the first cases to be given the title Liegebeest was the term ‘free-range egg’. According to Wakker Dier, ‘barn eggs’ are a better option because free-range chickens can never forage outside. According to Wakker Dier, the term free-range egg has been wrongly made compulsory by the government for chickens that live in a barn with nine animals per square metre.

Butcher (2021)

The name ‘keurslager’ suggests that your meat has been approved. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Association of Keurslagers makes various claims on its website in the field of animal welfare, such as ‘suppliers have an eye for animal welfare’ and ‘high quality requirements’. But the association does not impose any animal welfare requirements on the range of its members, Wakker Dier mentioned.

Ger Koopmans, Member of Parliament at the time for the CDA (2011)

Yes, a person can also get the prize. This politician earned the title with statements such as ‘The CDA is better for the animals than the Party for the Animals’ and ‘foie gras is produced responsibly’. According to Wakker Dier, the CDA did claim that it wants to handle animals with care, but the party voted against legislation aimed at improving animal welfare in three quarters of the cases.

According to Wakker Dier, this award ceremony certainly makes sense: three other nominees this year (Van Dobben, PLUS and Jumbo) adapted their campaigns after Wakker Dier selected them. That is why the organization calls the election ‘effective’.

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