Nominations National Award for Educational Journalism 2022 announced / Villamedia

Nominations National Award for Educational Journalism 2022 announced / Villamedia
Nominations National Award for Educational Journalism 2022 announced / Villamedia

The organization behind the National Award for Educational Journalism has nominated six entries from more than 25 entries for the 2022 edition. The final winner will be announced on September 30 in the National Education Museum in Dordrecht.

Last change: September 6, 2022, 14:19

Nominated are:

Opportunity inequality in education – Kaya Bouma, Fleur Damen, Nadia Ezzeroili, Serena Frijters, Joris Tieleman, De Volkskrant. “A series of articles examining the issue of inequality of opportunity. The social context and different perspectives are clearly articulated, the unique data collection and visualization are of a high level.”

The creeping privatization of Dutch education – Michelle Salomons, Emiel Woutersen & Thomas Muntz. Investico, De Groene Amsterdammer & Trouw. “Investigative journalism that exposes the business model behind the often professed Lifelong Learning. The educational entrepreneurs sell courses and guidance like Lego bricks in a market where economic laws of cost and competition determine the limits of quality.”

Winners and losers? – Johannes Visser, The Correspondent. “The series of articles tells in a special way what education does to people. Philosophical and sociological insights are stylishly connected with anecdotes and empirical observations. The end of the song is that the social pecking order between the gymnasiast, atheneum customer and pre-vocational secondary education student is maintained and passed on.”

The children of the White Butterfly – Patricia Veldhuis, NRC. “The reporter spent more than half a year in the eighth grade of De Witte Vlinder primary school in a deprived area in Arnhem. In a series of very beautifully written articles and a podcast, all facets of inequality of opportunity are discussed. On a personal and systemic level, from final musical to inspection visit.”

Reconstruction: how the billions for education came about – Patricia Veldhuis and Kees Versteegh, NRC. “The cabinet has earmarked billions to help education through the corona pandemic. An appeal to the Open Government Act resulted in hundreds of notes, apps and e-mails. But above all a disturbing image. Under intense political pressure and without it being clear how great the learning delays were, ministries fought their bitter battle over planning and spending the money. And about their image.”

File Schools for Personal Education – Arno Kersten. The Education Magazine. “In three years, Arno Kersten published 22 articles about the founder/director of Schools for Personal Education. The series eventually leads from opaque financial constructions, mismanagement and lack of employee participation to just bad education.”

The award ceremony in the National Education Museum is preceded by the debate ‘Don’t say that now…’, about the current polarized political climate and how educators and journalists operate in it. Do they ever catch themselves in self-censorship, for example and how do they deal with it? It also discusses what the solutions to this problem could be.

Entrance is free; sign up via [email protected]

The article is in Dutch

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