‘Starstruck’: A light snack for those who want their rom-coms that little bit more original

Good fiction doesn’t always have to be heavy, dramatic and depressing with deeply tormented protagonists. Series can also just be fun and the characters apparently uncomplicated. jessie out starstruck is the best example of this.

Streamz gave us two seasons of starstruck given as a present. If that sounds like a task because you now have even more catching up to do, it isn’t. Each season of this British series consists of six 20-minute episodes. Each season lasts about the same length as an average movie. The series is therefore no more than a light-hearted snack, but one that we would like to recommend.

In starstruck we get to know Jessie (Rose Matafeo), a young woman who arrived in London from New Zealand and combines a job in the local cinema with a job as a nanny. On New Year’s Eve she gets quite drunk and when it becomes clear that the guy she was talking to is only interested in her roommate and best friend Kate (Emma Sidi) she ends up talking to a young man in the toilets. She goes home with him, they have sex, and it’s not until the morning after that Jessie realizes she’s hooked up with Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel), a famous actor.

A whirlwind

In the following episodes, we will continue to circle the two around each other. They bump into each other every so often by chance or less by chance, kissing every now and then or spending some time together. But because of misunderstandings, gossip or wrong ways of communicating, the two never really click, even though they both want to.

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You hear it already: we’re really just watching a rom-com. The basic idea of starstruck is as simple as it is genius and was conceived by Rose Matafeo herself, who was also nominated for a BAFTA for her acting performance.

Jessie is a young confident woman who prides herself on knowing who she is. She is someone with whom you will never be bored: a taterwater, a chaotic with a mind of her own, someone with the inability to live a dull life, a whirlwind. At her 28e she had hoped to move forward in life, but sexually she has no qualms about asking her what’s due: both with Dan (Jon Pointing) and with her colleague Joe (Joe Barnes) who is secretly in love with her Jessie was already having sex, so one night with Tom doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Relative of fame

The two keep bumping into each other as if by chance, or seek each other out. Tom is very comfortable with Jessie because she is the only one who seems to be able to act normal to him.

At one point, his agent Cath (Minnie Driver) tells Tom that it’s no coincidence that actors and actresses often date other actors and actresses: who know what it’s like to be famous. And effectively: when Tom comes in, the conversations die down, people express their admiration or start acting uncomfortably enthusiastic and familiar, as Kate does. And Jessie also quickly begins to notice that it is not easy to fit herself into the world to which Tom belongs.

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At the same time puts into perspective starstruck the fame very much. Just like in This Is Us Here we get an actor playing an actor and the story shows how those people turn out to be just ordinary people with obligations, bad days at work, people dating and falling in love. Only others give them a kind of status that seems to elevate them above Jan Modaal because they happen to attract more than average attention.

The Avengers

We found the funniest scene to be one about the relativization of celebrity. When Jessie and Tom are talking in front of a restaurant, a self-proclaimed fan asks Tom for a selfie. He broaches the sentence “I loved you in…”, but realizes he can’t name a movie title and subtly keeps quiet. A second fan says “I loved The Avengers”, to which Tom dryly replies: “I wasn’t in that.

starstruck won’t change your life, but it will give you some nice evenings. It will make you smile and forget for a moment all the crises and doomsday scenarios that hang over our heads. And let that be exactly what a person needs in times like these.

The first two seasons of starstruck are now fully on Streamz. A third season is currently being worked on.

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