Aggressive man threatens girlfriend with death and destroys furniture (Wellen)

Aggressive man threatens girlfriend with death and destroys furniture (Wellen)
Aggressive man threatens girlfriend with death and destroys furniture (Wellen)

The first facts date from July 25, 2021, when the man in a jealous mood smashed all the household effects in his girlfriend’s apartment in Wellen. Then he talked about ‘short circuit in his head’, but not much later the man again lost all control during an argument. For example, on October 3, 2021, he smashed the kitchen doors in the middle of the night. The man was banned from contact, but he refused to sign the papers.

Up to 5 times he smashed the front door of the apartment of his now ex-girlfriend to go wild. “The damage was always enormous. You get even better visits from thieves,” said master Mark Huygen, who stood up for the victim. “It came in like a tornado and it shattered everything. From vases to the television. He smeared the bed with oil, smashed fruit against the wall,… It was really to cry.”

‘I will kill you’

Yet it did not only stop with the destruction of the woman’s household effects, but according to the prosecutor she also received regular blows. For example, she was first injured in the elbow during a discussion and on January 16 of this year she received another blow in the face while waiting for the bus. A month later, the woman locked herself in her car during yet another argument for fear of being beaten, the prosecutor said. “He flattened her tires and destroyed her furniture. We then stopped the mediation and proceeded with a summons.”

But that didn’t stop the man either. “This summer my client has received a slew of messages such as ‘you are a filthy bitch’, ‘I’ll kill you if I get the chance’, ‘I’ll torture you, you filthy whore’ and ‘tomorrow the knives will be sharpened’. It’s really hallucinatory. That man is unstoppable,” said Master Huygen, who asks for compensation for the destroyed household effects, car and mental trauma.

The owner of the rental apartment where the man was raging also filed a civil suit for an amount of 1,950 euros. “He is responsible for the damage to the doors he kicked in,” the lawyer said.

30 months

The Tongeren prosecutor sees no other solution than to demand an effective prison sentence of thirty months and a fine of 1,600 euros. “We have tried every possible option to stop him. Now all that remains is an effective prison sentence, although I doubt whether that will offer a solution.” The man himself did not show up during the hearing of the case.

Judgment will follow on September 20.

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