News Edam-Volendam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Waterland

News Edam-Volendam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Waterland
News Edam-Volendam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Waterland

After last weekend the criticism was to be expected, but it is still sad to read. During the fair I was asked a few times if I could not write a piece about this. I find it difficult, because the wrong people are being addressed and, moreover, not all of them.

I also participated in the negative expression about the atmosphere at the Marina Park. In a joke I underestimated the impact. In the end, you do participate in harming someone. But that I do not agree with the Uis Faist tent remains my opinion. I’m not running away from that. I didn’t get a fairground feeling at the Marina Park last Saturday.

However, what I now see passing by, we are all talking about. Fingers are pointed at entrepreneurs. Unfair in my eyes. Moreover, by no means all persons are addressed. But what have they done wrong? Nothing.

As entrepreneurs, they see opportunities and are willing to take the risk. And what they put down is not normal. A deep bow to that. I’m not a fan of the fair, but I can only have respect for this huge operation.

So let’s all do that together. Joking is fun, criticism is fine, but let’s stay away from personal curses, name-calling and threats! Especially on a personal level, we have to be careful who we address where. Not in a schoolyard or screaming over the dike.

But let’s talk to the right people about what we don’t agree with. In my view that is the Municipality of Edam-Volendam!

They determine the rules of the game and issue the permits. So, what needs to be looked at in particular is what role the municipality has played in the fair plans. Why didn’t the city step on the brakes?

If there is unfair competition, it seems to me that the municipality should intervene in the interests of the affected entrepreneurs. This didn’t happen and that’s where it went wrong. We can blame the council for that.

Not the entrepreneurs who are just trying to do their job. It is up to the Municipal Executive and the municipality to provide transparency and to do things better next year.

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