#LUNAClassic trending on Twitter – Coin is already up 80% this month

#LUNAClassic trending on Twitter – Coin is already up 80% this month
#LUNAClassic trending on Twitter – Coin is already up 80% this month

The old Terra Luna Coin that has been sold by many investors without thinking about it has already increased in value by 80% in September after the news of the burning of tokens.

There is a proposal in which 1.2% of every transaction made with LUNC is burned. Currently, LUNC is worth around $0.0004, while Bitcoin hovers around $20,000.

As a result, LUNC has now again built up a market value of approximately €2.5 billion. That while the price of the currency shot in all directions before.

LUNAClassic is trending on Twitter

One of Twitter’s most well-known crypto traders (@follis_) saw Luna Classic pick up quite a bit after rising 230% from its low in June.

Where in June this year the coin was still available for € 0.00004, a zero has now disappeared and the coin is worth about 10 times as much. How will the currency continue? That is a difficult prediction for everyone, the crypto market is very volatile and often not 100% based on facts and developments.

Still, there are plenty of investors who are slowly starting to feel strong FOMO bubbling up around Luna Classic. Some investors even think that the coin could rise to $1, while that currently seems impossible because the market value would then reach $6 trillion, more than 6x the current value of the entire crypto market.

Other investors are more realistic, but still optimistic, and believe that Luna Classic can bounce back to its market value of $40 billion, the all-time high when Luna hadn’t crashed, was worth $119 per coin and had only 350 million coins left in circulation.

How long it will take before the 1.2% burn will really affect the total number of Terra Classic coins in circulation is also difficult to predict.

In addition to LUNAClassic , the hashtags TerraClassic LUNC and TerraClassicUSTC are now also trending on Twitter.

Due to the burn mechanism, Terra Classic is now a deflationary currency. Another coin with a similar mechanism is Tamadoge. This coin is still available in presale and already has more than 53,000 followers on Twitter on the account @Tamadogecoin.

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