Henk Staghouwer resigns as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Henk Staghouwer resigns as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Henk Staghouwer resigns as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Henk Staghouwer has decided to resign as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. “I have come to the conclusion that at the moment I am not the right person to lead the major tasks that lie in agriculture, horticulture and fisheries as a minister,” the minister said in an explanation. his departure.

“When I took office as minister, I knew that we were faced with enormous tasks in agriculture, horticulture and fishing,” continues Staghouwer. “I asked myself the question: am I the right person as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality to lead the major tasks that lie ahead? Last weekend I came to the conclusion that I am not that person.” He was minister for nine months. Until a successor is found, Carola Schouten, who is now the Minister of Poverty Policy, will take over the honours. She was already Minister of Agriculture in the previous cabinet.

The departure comes after a letter of perspective about the future of the farmers was rejected. He had to ‘redo his homework’ from the House of Representatives and come up with a new version next Friday. However, the draft letter he made would be ‘substandard’, AD writes. They also state that the letter ‘looked too much like the first bill’. PvdA and GroenLinks want Rutte to provide clarification in the House on Tuesday.

“Not completely unexpected”
Tells opposite NOS LTO chairman Sjaak van der Tak that the departure was not ‘completely unexpected’ for them. “He couldn’t substantiate it well enough, he couldn’t get it through.”

“I knew that he struggled with the question of whether he could sketch perspective for the farmers,” said Van der Tak in the radio program WNL Haagse Lobby. “Staghouwer made many working visits, but after all those conversations you have to dare to draw a line. Staghouwer didn’t do that,” continues the chairman. “Apparently he didn’t think he was the right man for that.”

In a statement, LTO reports that they have “respectfully taken note” of Henk Staghouwer’s decision to resign as Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. “Given the important files in our sector, it is crucial that a new minister is appointed quickly.”

Agration is a little less lenient for the outgoing minister on Twitter. “The departure of Staghouwer surprises us. We know him as a somewhat colorless person and have not yet seen much concrete vision in him”, according to the farmers’ association. “He also faced an impossible task, creating perspective against market forces and international treaties. And that at a time when more and more people are having great difficulty paying for their daily groceries.”

coalition parties in the meantime regret Staghouwer’s decision, but respect his decision. They call Staghouwer’s step brave. D66 leader and Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag thinks it is a ‘brave decision’. Minister Christianne van der Wal (Nature and Nitrogen) calls it a “brave, personal decision by colleague Henk Staghouwer.”

Caroline van der Plas of BBB describes the resignation as ‘inevitable’. “I think it’s very bad for the person Henk Staghouwer. This does something to you as a person. I wish him the best of luck. But as Minister of Agriculture he was not suitable at all. The question now is: Who is?” she wonders aloud. This is a question that will be around in The Hague for the foreseeable future.”

bionextdirector Michaël Wilde indicates that the minister’s departure does not really come as a surprise, including after the first 59-page letter, which according to Michaël contained very little concrete. “As Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, it was his job to come up with perspective. This letter, which completely missed the mark, already showed to me that he was clearly not the right man in the right place. I would like to emphasize that he is an incredibly nice person to deal with.I have had the opportunity to talk to him four times and this clearly showed that he really believes in organic, but this has to be translated and thus reflected in the policy. Now the question is, of course, who will come back. It is high time to move on. For example, the publication of the National Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture has already been postponed four times. As Bionext, we are in any case convinced that the organic farming as a rock.”

Bert van Ruitenbeek, director Demeter Foundation responds as follows: “It is the most important thing that a new minister really stands for the agriculture of the future. There are now names of people who have mainly designed the current model, which has now stalled, and who mainly look for solutions in technology. But that is motivated by the interests of the agro industry to keep the current revenue model going. We have to balance food production with the ecological capacity of our planet and immediate environment. That requires a change as expressed in our Green Farmers Plan. There is a great urgency for a minister who is open to work on this.”

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