Cyclist injured in Molenbroeklaan accident

Honselersdijk 06.09.2022 update – On Tuesday morning, September 6, a traffic accident between a car and a cyclist took place at the intersection of Middel Broekweg and Molenbroeklaan.

The girl cycled on the bicycle path over Middel Broekweg in the direction of Naaldwijk.

A motorist with a co-driver was standing with the car on the Molenlaan in front of the traffic lights. She drove straight to the Molenbroeklaan with the green light, but collided with the cyclist who ran a red light. It slammed into the windshield and fell to the ground injured. Bystanders provided first aid and alerted the emergency services.

The girl was put on a burn card and transported to the hospital by ambulance, but not urgently. The victim’s phone had fallen into the verge as a result of the impact; it was finally found after some searching. Due to the damage to the windscreen, the car had to be towed away by a salvage company. The police assisted in completing the claim forms. The traffic police on the motorcycle have further investigated the accident.

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