Renovate faster thanks to 1 billion euros of Flemish money

Families earning a total of between 46,170 and 65,960 euros annually can be reimbursed 35% of their renovation costs, up to a maximum of 17,500 euros. Anyone earning less than 46,170 euros will receive a refund of half of the investment amount, up to a maximum of 25,000 euros. Almost two-thirds of Flemish people would qualify for such a premium.

For those who earn more than 65,960 euros annually, there are fixed premiums. Depending on the type of renovation, these can amount to 40% of the invoice amount, without VAT. To be eligible for the premiums, the property must be at least fifteen years old. For investments in renewable energy, the home must be licensed for at least five years.

For those who still find renovation too expensive, you can also submit an application for the MijnVerbouwLoan from 1 September at one of the 18 Energy Houses in Flanders. Low and middle incomes can apply for an interest-free loan of up to 60,000 euros. The loans can be applied for for all works that qualify for the MijnVerbouwPremie and have a repayment term of 10 to a maximum of 25 years.

The Flemish Construction Confederation (VCB) is pleased with the support given by the Flemish government for energetic renovation. “This means efficient support for the renovation market”, says director-general Marc Dillen in a reaction to the news. The construction sector expects that the combination of measures will gradually lead to a strong increase in energy renovation activity, and that capacity can therefore also be built up gradually. According to the VCB, this is also necessary. In order to renovate all homes according to the 2050 standard, the renovation rate in Flanders must be three times faster than it is now.

Flanders will introduce a renovation obligation in 2023. Anyone who buys a home with EPC label E or F must energetically renovate it to label D within five years. The renovation activity will therefore increase substantially, but this will happen gradually as there are transfers of homes and over the five-year period. will expire. It is expected that most families will not wait five years to energetically renovate their purchased home. This can be done, for example, by installing insulation material in roofs, walls and floors or insulating glass or by installing a heat pump.

On 1 October, the new single application desk MijnVerbouwPremie will open, which will combine all renovation grants, which will greatly simplify the procedure for applying for grants. You can already run a simulation via the website so that you can check how much support you can count on. According to the VCB, the administrative simplification in applying for premiums will be a bull’s eye.

The Flemish Construction Confederation will also make this system known to the construction companies, and together with them will monitor the speed with which private individuals will respond to it. “We will also inform our members about all other aspects of the Flemish renovation policy, so that they know the scope of the planned premiums,” says Marc Dillen.

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