Farm cheese prices are flying up – Nieuwe Oogst

Farm cheese prices are flying up – Nieuwe Oogst
Farm cheese prices are flying up – Nieuwe Oogst

All quotes for cheese made on the farm have increased by 35 cents per kilo. This brings the price for first-quality cheese of 16 kilos to 6.40 euros per kilo. However, it is questionable whether there will be enough supply of farm cheese, because because of the high milk price, farmers prefer to deliver to the factory.

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The increase in the listing is necessary, says chairman Theo Dekkers of the Association of Farm Dairy Preparers. ‘You need a lot of heat to produce cheese. Other costs are also rising rapidly, such as starter culture, coating, cleaning agents and electricity. These are bizarre times.’

Dekkers hears from many cheese makers that they now prefer to supply their milk to the factory, because the milk price is unprecedentedly high. “It no longer pays to make cheese.” The cheese makers ignore the purchase of extra milk for cheese production. This could lead to less cheese being supplied in the coming months. ‘It is a strange development’, emphasizes the chairman of the Association of Farm Dairy Preparers.

The quotation committee of the Bond van Boerderijzuivel preparedrs has decided to increase all quotations by 35 cents. In this way it meets the increased cost level and the price remains the same in relation to other types of cheese. The quotation for first-quality cheese of 12 kilos is now 6.25 per kilo, for Leiden 30+ it is 6.80 euros per kilo and for cheeses heavier than 20 kilos the price is 6.55 euros.

Concerns about consumers

The Association of Farm Dairy Preparers is concerned about the purchasing power of consumers and what this means for the sale of the cheese. Dekkers assumes a drop in demand because consumers in the supermarket may rather opt for a cheaper cheese. “Maybe they ignore the tasty farmhouse cheese.”

As far as the trade in the cheese market is concerned, the summer rest seems to be over. Customers are looking ahead again and are looking for products for now and the coming months.


Prices for powders and cheese are fairly stable, but the stock is not large. In addition, milk fat is again in demand and that drives up the price. The milk supply at the dairies is expected to lag behind compared to last year. The drought and a possible lack of good-quality roughage contribute to this.

All this means that the milk price is expected to remain high for some time to come, according to the farm cheese listing committee.

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