Marion Pauw feels lost in Expedition Robinson

Marion Pauw feels lost in Expedition Robinson
Marion Pauw feels lost in Expedition Robinson

Marion Pauw is experiencing a, to say the least, not such a vibrant start to Expedition Robinson. As it turned out last night in the second episode on RTL 4, she feels quite lost on her island in Malaysia. She came up with two things to change that. But did that end well?

For those who don’t want to know yet and Expedition Robinson If you still want to watch, don’t read any further. But Marion Pauw, author of bestsellers and various TV series that made Twitter users wonder ‘who the hell that is’ last week. That’s a standard tune on the first episode of the survival program. Also at, among others, Olympic swimming champion Ferry Weertman and influencer with 1 million followers Juultje Tieleman, viewers called murder and fire instead of consulting friend Google. Also standard: with episode two of Expedition Robinson is that ‘I don’t know anyone grumbling’ over. And the enjoyment by about a million enthusiasts will begin.

Marion Pauw misses connection in Expedition Robinson

Ten years after her not so successful participation in Who is the mole?Marion Pauw dared to fight again in the 22nd regular season of Expedition Robinson (Subway interviewed several participants about this). But things are not going well for the thriller writer. She forms a camp with, among others, model Rose Bertram, the aforementioned Juultje Tieleman and the actors Thijs Boermans and Iliass Ojja. “I’m not comfortable in my own skin”, Pauw immediately admitted in front of the camera. “I’m having a hard time with that group and I don’t know how to find my connection. I really feel a bit alone and not seen at all, I really feel a bit on my own. So I think ‘okay, I really have to deliver something here, otherwise it’s really not going well. I thought: I’m going to make banana tea. You can make very tasty tea from the leaves.”

The banana tea was not a success. Monter approached Marion Pauw at three fishermen: the aforementioned actors Boermans and Ojja and presenter / YouTuber Niels Oosthoek. With her bottle of tea she happily asked whether the gentlemen had slept well (‘not’) and offered Oosthoek her healthy drink. He took a few sips. Iliass Ojja, out of her sight: “We have a kind of mother in our camp.” With a somewhat difficult look: “So she was going to spoil us with banana tea, banana leaf tea…” Niels Oosthoek nodded and told the generous donor: “Very tasty.” Did he mean that? Not for a meter. Ojja: “That guy is sarcastic as can be.”

‘Marion Pauw can make fish tea with that’

Marion Pauw: “I have the idea that I have scored a point again.” Not so. When the fishermen have found a good size fish in their net, Thijs Boermans says: “Marion will be happy with this. Can she make fish tea?” Niels Oosthoek: „Yes, good food: fish tea. I was just thinking ‘Marion has been cooking for an hour when she mentioned breakfast’. What does she have: banana tea.” Deadly for the writer of course who later in the episode of Expedition Robinson submits her resignation as a cook, because the Flemish model Rose Bertram has cooked something better than Pauw.”

However, she continued on the warpath. Pauw made up a funny story about rats walking by her head at night and constantly giving her a huge scare. The goal: to scare Rose Bertram in the hope that she would want to leave the island screaming. The Belgian is in fact terrified of everything that tickles and moves in the jungle. Did it help the contestant who caught the eye the most last night? No. After a lost duel, Pauw had to report with her camp for the first Expedition Robinson-island council. Although she had done the necessary union work in anticipation of this, Pauw was voted out unanimously. That too. Another camp could have filled in two names to save someone. This new element of the program didn’t help either. The names Rose Bertram and Juultje Tieleman appeared in the picture. exit Marion Pauw: his was the first to lose weight in 2012 Who is the mole? and now she goes first. That’s television history and a thriller in itself, although the high-profile candidate finally made sure of that with a brilliant move. But for that you need the episode of Expedition Robinson but look back.

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