there is also good news

there is also good news
there is also good news

European ETF investor is in risk-off mode
Based on the developments in the ETF industry, it is clear to Philippe Roset, Head of SPDR ETFs Northern Europe, that European investors are not yet ready to take risk. Short-term paper, inflation-linked bonds, high yield and bank stocks all went out this year.

Deep recession can lead to stock market fall of 57%
High valuations and recession are poison for the stock market. DoubleLine predicts that prices will fall much further if a recession breaks out.

Is the stock market now cheap or expensive?
Morningstar analyzes. Bottom line: More than half of global equities are undervalued to grossly undervalued.

Economic growth is slowing down

The bears rule,
but the bulls await their chance. Jan-Willem Nijkamp is looking for bright spots. He finds them mainly in the US. Inflation is falling sharply there, so that the Fed can stop tightening in the near future, writes Renco van Schie of Valuedge.

Corné van Zeijl also discovers something positive

Also positive!

Lithium shortage threatens
The batteries of an average EV require about 8-10 kilos of lithium. A lithium miner fears that the lithium supply will fall short.

Is gold safe haven finished?
In times of turmoil, investors turn to safe havens, such as gold. Moreover, this usually offers good protection against inflation. With the current turmoil on the stock market and the extremely high inflation, you would expect the gold price to skyrocket, but nothing could be further from the truth. What is going on?

OPEC+ does not help
Instead of increasing production, we opted for a limited production decrease. CNBC has the story.

Dutch inflation to 12%
Consumer goods and services were 12.0 percent more expensive in August than in the same month a year earlier, CBS reports. In July inflation was 10.3 percent. Energy price developments in particular led to a further rise in inflation.

This way the energy transition will not get off the ground
Energy historian Vaclav Smil: “But so far, we are not even seriously trying — see the ascent of SUVs, the pervasiveness of excessive flying, and food supermarkets that now average 40,000 items. That all requires plenty of carbon.” Must-read interview.

Active vs Passive
The returns of the IEX Fund 40 (actively managed mutual funds) and the IEX Index 20+ (ETFs).

New savings tax postponed for a year
The new savings tax will not be introduced in 2025, but in 2026 at the earliest, State Secretary Van Rij (Taxation) wrote to the House of Representatives today. The postponement will cost the treasury 385 million euros. RTL Z message.

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