Court hearing on double murder in Kraainem postponed for a week (Kraainem)

Court hearing on double murder in Kraainem postponed for a week (Kraainem)
Court hearing on double murder in Kraainem postponed for a week (Kraainem)

Sound engineer Pierre D. is in jail again for the murder of his ex Magali and stepdaughter Coline — © rr

The two men who were placed under arrest warrant on Friday in the investigation into the murder of Magali W. (46) and her 17-year-old daughter Coline, on March 24 in Kraainem, appeared before the Brussels council chamber on Tuesday. Their lawyers have asked for a postponement. The file will now be dealt with by the council chamber on Tuesday 13 September.

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The two suspects are Pierre D., the ex-partner and stepfather of the two victims, and BN, a 39-year-old Congolese man from Brussels, who is suspected of killing the victims on behalf of D. The two victims were found dead on March 24 in the house in Kraainem where they lived with P. Magali W. and Pierre D. had been a couple for years, but that relationship ended on the rocks.

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It was D. himself who notified the emergency services that evening when he discovered a pool of blood in the entrance hall. The emergency services then found the bodies of the two victims. Both were killed with several stab wounds. Both victims’ mobile phones were missing, as was Magali W.’s car, but otherwise there would have been no indications that it was a burglary.

Shortly after the discovery of the double murder, Pierre D. was charged and placed under arrest, but then denied that he had anything to do with the facts. According to Pierre D. he had spent that night with a friend in Etterbeek. That friend has already confirmed this in two interrogations.

The indictment chamber released D. on 5 May, because although there were indications of guilt against him, there were insufficient serious indications to maintain the pre-trial detention. D.’s lawyer is not commenting for the time being. According to BN’s lawyer, the man denies any involvement.

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