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The Royal Family of Jordan owes two Royal Weddings, from Princess Iman and from Crown Prince Hussein. In the meantime, another marriage was concluded: on September 3, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad (55) of Jordan married Bulgarian princess Miriam, ‘the ‘Dowager Princess’ of Turnovo. King Abdullah II was at the yes.

Spanish Miriam was born Miriam Ungría y López and married Prince Kardam of Turnovo, a member of the Bulgarian formerly royal family, in 1996. At the time, as the eldest son of King Simeon II of Bulgaria, he was heir to the throne in name (Bulgaria had already become a republic). Miriam and he had two sons. Boris and Beltrán, Miriam is a well-known gemologist, a specialist in gemstones and worked for many jewelry houses.

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Kardam and Miriam were seriously injured in a car accident near Madrid in August 2008. He was not allowed to leave the hospital until January 2009 to continue to recover at home, but ended up in the hospital again a year later. He was in a coma until his death in April 2015. He was 52 at the time.

Miriam has taken care of Kardam all these years and put her own life on hold for him and their sons. So that she may have found new love with Prince Ghazi of Jordan, a first cousin of King Abdullah of Jordan.

How the two met is unknown, but the circles around Prince Charles may have played a role: Ghazi is friends with him and Miriam lives in Kensington and is also part of Charles and Camilla’s inner circle.

The prince is an amateur historian, deeply concerned with harmony and tolerance between different faiths, and was previously married to Omani Areej Zawawi, with whom he has three daughters and a son. They would be quietly divorced in 2020.

Doña Miriam Ungría y López is a much loved aristo who also maintains warm ties with the Oranges, you can see her here with her arm around Queen Máxima in Seville. She became Princess of Turnovo and Duchess of Saxony through her first marriage and is now called Princess Miriam al-Ghazi. We wish the couple good luck together!

Photos (c) Hashemite Court of Jordan, ANP

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