Alternative Breast Photo Shows What Linda Cover Could Look Like

Mona van den Berg

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To show that a magazine cover featuring topless women can also be diverse, feminist platforms Damn, Honey and FMNST and photographer Mona van den Berg created an alternative to magazine’s much-discussed breasts cover. Linda.

The September edition of the Linda was dominated by breasts, including a cover full of famous women posing topless. The intention was to normalize the women’s breasts, said editor-in-chief Karin Swerink. But critics felt that the selection of women was not representative and inclusive enough.

The alternate cover shared on social media today features a trans woman, a woman in a wheelchair and a non-binary person, accompanied by lyrics like “FMNST”, “Diversity, we celebrate everyone” and “This is us”.

One of the initiators is podcast maker Nydia van Voorthuizen. She also found the conscious Linda-cover not diverse enough. “We’re all for showing boobs and different bodies, but the cover of Linda failed anyway. The women looked very much alike and were all very slim.”

Linda wants famous people on the cover. And they usually meet the traditional ideal of beauty.

Initiator Nydia van Voorthuizen

Lindaeditor-in-chief Swerink previously responded to the criticism, in which she hinted that many people did not want to cooperate. “When I look at the cover, I understand what people mean, in addition to all the enthusiastic reactions,” Swerink responded in the NPO Radio 1 program Speech makers. “We only influence people who say ‘yes’, but not on people who say ‘no’. We respect that, I’m not going to pull anyone’s hair.”

But then this theme should have been postponed for a while, says Van Voorthuizen. “If a magazine chooses such a subject, it can take some effort before you have a good reflection of society. But then you should only publish when that diversity is there. I am sure that if Linda had looked for women in wheelchairs or trans women, they would have been found.”

Plussize model and influencer Lotte van Eijk, one of the models on the alternative cover, shares Van Voorthuizen’s opinion. “I really don’t believe that it didn’t work out. Who did you ask then, I think.”

There is also something else involved in the choices that the Lindaeditors have made, thinks Van Voorthuizen. “Linda would like famous people on the cover. And they usually meet the traditional ideal of beauty. if Linda keep putting these women on the cover, you’re in a circle.”


That in turn has consequences for people who do not see themselves represented in such a magazine, says Van Voorthuizen. “If you don’t see yourself in the mainstream media, you start to be more critical of your body. And what is seen as beautiful is just invented. If you have wrinkles, are fat or have a disability, you can also be beautiful. “

“Now the editors have said they understand the criticism,” says Van Voorthuizen. “But if Linda had made our cover, the impact would have been much greater, because they are many times bigger than us. That’s why we hope that now someone in the editors will say: we will do it differently next time.”

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