“I don’t know who scouted him”

“I don’t know who scouted him”
“I don’t know who scouted him”

September 5, 2022 – Rafael van der Vaart is not exactly impressed by Fredrik Bjørkan’s debut for Feyenoord. The left back hired from Hertha BSC made his first minutes for the Rotterdam club on Saturday visiting Go Ahead Eagles (3-4).

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According to Van der Vaart, he did not show why Feyenoord brought him in. “I don’t think you can criticize someone very quickly, but we do it,” laughs Van der Vaart at the table. Studio Football. “I don’t know who scouted him and maybe I’m completely wrong, but he really can…”

Van der Vaart believes that Bjørkan was not positioned well and made the wrong choices in possession. “It was always back, back, back. Slot said: go deep now. It doesn’t look good and he doesn’t know where to walk. Technically, he’s not that strong either,” said the former midfielder.

Feyenoord second
Although Van der Vaart is not impressed with Bjørkan, he thinks Feyenoord will be this season the best of the rest is becoming. “Last must be an insane trainer. He has something in his fingers… You see a certain calm in the team: we’re good enough, it’ll be okay. I think Feyenoord will be second.”

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