Adeline Cornelissen in the prizes

Adeline Cornelissen in the prizes
Adeline Cornelissen in the prizes

TOLBERT – In the ninth competition of the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Trucks Dressage Competition, Adelinde Cornelissen with Fleau de Baian (by Jazz) was the best in the Grand Prix.

Patrick van der Meer rode Sephora S to second place and Diederik van Silfhout received third prize with the stallion Impression. “It was a very nice breakaway and it was close to each other. Adelinde rode a very constant test with the series as the highlight. It was very controlled and constantly ridden with a quiet lean-to. The piaffe and passage could be a little more expressive, but the base is well done. Truly a complete horse”, continues jury member Janine van Twist.


This competition in Tolbert was the last selection opportunity for participation in the final of the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Trucks Dressage Competition. The final will be held on 14 October during Indoor Friesland in Leeuwarden. Then the six qualified combinations (in each category) ride the freestyle to music. Soon we will announce which combinations have qualified for the final.

source: KNHS

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