Who founded Airbnb? – NRC

Who founded Airbnb? – NRC
Who founded Airbnb? – NRC

Guy Raz is a celebrity in podcast land. With his successful podcasts, the former correspondent attracts millions of listeners every week from a number of major American broadcasters. In How I Build This together with entrepreneurs, he goes through the origin and growth of their companies.

Not only is it interesting to hear who is behind big companies like Airbnb, Instagram or dating platform Bumble, or who (accidentally) invented the popular dance workout Zumba, it is also interesting to learn more about the coincidences , visions and work ethic that precede such a large project.

Raz is prepared to perfection. This gives the interviews an interesting structure in which he can create unexpected turns for listeners. A meaningful encounter, for example, or a crisis that has made the survival of a company uncertain. Lucky you – you almost fell for that magical American Dream.

How I Build This with Guy Raztwice weekly episodes of 40-90 minutes, Wondery.

The article is in Dutch

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