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Tesla expands it Model Y offer further out. Indeed, after the powerful dual motor versions (ie 4WD), the manufacturer now also introduces a RWD version of this compact SUV, ie with rear-wheel drive and a single less powerful engine. This evolution is important, because until now the Model Y 66,000 euros (Long Range) or even 70,000 euros (Performance).

This version is simply called ‘Model Y’ and makes the car in one fell swoop 25,000 euros cheaper, with a price tag of 49,990 euros. Is this a really ‘basic’ model? Not quite, because with 300 hp (compared to 351 hp for the ‘Long Range’ and 513 hp for the ‘Performance’) the performance remains more than decent: 6.9 seconds for 0-100 km/h and a top speed of 217 km/h.

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Tesla also announces a WLTP range of 455 km which should bring the real range around 380-400 km for the most cautious drivers (533 km for the ‘Long Range’ and 514 for the ‘Performance’). This also includes a lower charging power limited to 170 kW, compared to 250 kW for the other variants.

Popular model?

Interestingly, this rather spacious SUV is also cheaper than the base version of the Model 3 (52,990 euros, 491 km WLTP). How is that possible? Well, the Model Y should above all become a powerful instrument for conquering the markets. Indeed, demand for Teslas has never been higher, according to analysis firm New Street Research, which recently visited the Gigafactory in Berlin.

It enthusiasm for Tesla is certainly not decreasing, regardless of general price increases. For example, in the United States the rise in petrol prices at the pump, the reason for a sharp increase in demand for Teslas, to the extent that orders were no longer taken for some models. The opening of the Berlin Gigafactory could give Tesla a further boost as what is holding back sales volumes at the moment is the limited production capacity.

Tesla Gigafactory and Allemagne

And there can the German factory provide the solution, because the logistics are much more efficient than in the other factories, such as the one in Fremont (USA). The Berlin plant is expected to be capable of producing 10,000 cars per week when fully operational. A volume that could increase even further, especially when the 4680 battery available because it is cast in one piece, which will further reduce production time.

Also with us an increase in sales?

La nouvelle version de la Tesla Model Y's poster à un tarif allechant ? Pour un succès de foule en vue?

Can the Model Ywith a price tag of less than 50,000 eurosthe people’s electric car in our country, especially in fleets and for company cars? That is quite possible, since, for example, a BMW iX3 changes hands for around 70,000 euros and a BMW i4 for around 62,000 euros. It is therefore clear that the Model Y can play a very strong trump card, especially with the changed tax system for companies starting from 2026 only only the 100% deduction for 100% electric cars.

Tesla therefore has every chance to win the battle against the classic brands. The only unknown is the price of electric charging which continues to rise, and may soon cost more than a full tank of fuel. So let’s wait and see what that will bring…

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