Murder of supermarket boss: Yvon K. can wait for treatment at home

Murder of supermarket boss: Yvon K. can wait for treatment at home
Murder of supermarket boss: Yvon K. can wait for treatment at home

Yvon K., the suspect in the murder of supermarket owner Chris Grinwis from Halsteren, can await the handling of her case at home. The court in Breda determined this on Monday. K. is now in pre-trial detention for 330 days and the case will probably be heard in March next year. K. (63) burst into tears when she heard it. She says she will perish as a result of her stay in the cell.

The judge has little pity for K.: “Everyone has a hard time in the detention center, so suspension is not because you are pathetic,” he said sternly. He also made it clear to K. that there is still a serious suspicion: ” That there is someone here who kills her partner to profit from his legacy.”

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In previous so-called ‘pro forma’ sessions, K.’s stay in the cell was extended each time. The judge found the fact that K. had searched the internet for the poison from which Grinwis almost certainly died, sufficient reason. He said she couldn’t explain why she was looking for that poison.

Yvon K. and Chris Grinwis started a relationship shortly after the death of Grinwis’ wife Mia. Mia suffered from dementia and Yvon K. took care of her. The judge found that striking, that they got into a relationship so quickly, he showed during the session on Monday. “But that feeling was there before and it went very quickly,” K. said. According to her, Grinwis had long been grieving and distancing himself. “But it is indeed very special,” she admitted.

Just before Chris passed away in December 2020, his will would have been changed. Yvon K. was designated as sole heir. In June it became known that K. is also suspected of laundering more than two tons of cash that was found in a safe.

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According to K.’s lawyer Esther Vroegh, the Public Prosecution Service pulls open the entire box of tricks to complete the case: wiretaps, monitoring vehicles, opening postal items and deploying undercover agents. According to Vroegh, an officer staged an accident to get information from K.’s daughter.

K. himself continues to deny the murder of Grinwis at all costs: “I have nothing to do with it. I’ve been bugged for two years, my mail has been withheld. But nothing can come out.”

The case will continue on November 8.

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