China accuses US of large-scale cyber attacks

China accuses US of large-scale cyber attacks
China accuses US of large-scale cyber attacks

The Chinese government has ordered the National Security Agency (NSA), the infamous US intelligence agency that came into disrepute after it spied on European politicians, among others, accused of carrying out thousands of cyber attacks. More than 140 gigabytes of data would have been collected in this way, which, according to the Chinese government, was of “great value”.

China accuses the intelligence service of hacking, among other things, a government-funded university that conducts research into space travel. It is the Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. The attack is said to have been carried out as early as June. An investigation by China’s Cyber ​​Security Watchdog (CNCERT) found the NSA to be the culprit.

In addition, according to China, the NSA has allegedly carried out more than 10,000 “vicious” cyber attacks against Chinese targets in recent years, collecting more than 140 gigabytes of key data. The news was reported by both the Chinese state broadcaster and the state newspaper Global Times.

Shortly after the news was announced, it became the most read topic on Chinese social media. It was viewed more than 210 million times on Weibo, the country’s largest social media platform.


It is the umpteenth time that China has accused the US of carrying out cyber attacks. It also increasingly points the finger at specific American agencies. In the past, it has called the US an “empire of hackers” and referred to Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who leaked classified documents about espionage activities to the press in 2013.

But the US itself has been accusing China of the same for some time. For example, the country is said to have carried out a large-scale attack in 2021, affecting tens of thousands of companies worldwide. More recently, the FBI, the country’s domestic intelligence agency, warned Western companies that China would carry out massive hacks to steal intellectual property. That would do it to gain the upper hand in a number of industries.

All of this is striking, as both countries agreed in 2015 that reciprocal theft of intellectual property and trade secrets will not be tolerated. That agreement now seems to be followed less and less by both countries.


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