Liz Truss new UK Prime Minister: who is she?

Liz Truss new UK Prime Minister: who is she?
Liz Truss new UK Prime Minister: who is she?

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss succeeds Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister. The Conservative Party has announced that it has defeated former finance minister Rishi Sunak in the internal leadership election and thereby automatically becomes prime minister. Truss received 58 percent of the Conservative vote.

Johnson is expected to resign from Queen Elizabeth today, after which the head of state will receive Truss. Due to the health of the Queen, this will not take place at Buckingham Palace, but in Scotland’s Balmoral Castle. Truss becomes the UK’s third female Prime Minister, after her party colleagues Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Portrait Liz Truss, new UK Prime Minister

But who exactly is Lizz Truss and what are her ambitions? Truss – like Johnson – is from the Conservative Party and until recently served as Secretary of State. According to the British newspaper BBC The 47-year-old Truss wants to fulfill a number of promises based on fundamental conservative values. For example, the new prime minister has indicated during her campaign that he wants to reverse tax increases. Several economists have criticized that plan because it would actually fuel inflation.

Inflation in the UK is the highest in Western Europe and many Britons are suffering from rising energy and food prices. Truss has announced that it will soon come up with a new economic plan to tackle the problems.

Favorite of conservative party

According to the BBC Lizz Truss is the absolute darling of the conservative right wing, which supports Brexit. Her political preference used to be in a completely different direction: in the 1980s Truss still identified as a Liberal Democrat activist and marched against Margaret Thatcher, who was the leader of the Conservative party between 1975 and 1990.

As Secretary of State, she remained loyal to Johnson to the bitter end, when other ministers abandoned him over the ‘party gate’ scandal, in which Johnson hosted a party while residents were in deep lockdown.

Loyal to Johnson

Johnson announced two months ago that he was stepping down after his position became untenable. Truss served as foreign minister in his cabinet and remained loyal to him through the governmental crisis. Sunak, on the other hand, distanced himself from Johnson and stepped down as finance minister.

After Johnson said he was leaving, several candidates presented themselves to become the new prime minister. After several rounds of voting among Conservative MPs, two candidates remained. In the final round, it was up to the members of the party to choose between Truss and Sunak.

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Liz Truss new UK Prime Minister: who is she?

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