Winner 39th Tour de Marienvelde 2022 receives prize

Winner 39th Tour de Marienvelde 2022 receives prize
Winner 39th Tour de Marienvelde 2022 receives prize

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MARIËNVELDE – Rick Timmermans from Berghem in Brabant has received the first prize in the 39th Tour de Mariënvelde 2022. He received the voucher from Hotel Lory from Henny Heutinck. He may at least be a guest for a week in this beautiful hotel in the Italian Dolomites, which is run by former Lichtenvoordenaar Maurice Paasschens and his wife Karen.

This environment is not unfamiliar to the teacher in primary education. “I’ve been on holiday in that area a number of times,” was the reaction of Rick Timmermans, who took part in the Tour de Mariënvelde for the first time this year. “I love these kinds of Tour games and I came across your game through an acquaintance”, Rick looked back on his first participation. Together with his daughter Maud, he had traveled to Mariënvelde to collect the prizes, because he was unable to collect his prize on the last evening of the Tour de Mariënvelde. In addition to the check for a week in Hotel Lory worth a thousand euros, he was also presented with a beautiful trophy, he took the photo with the challenge cup and he has been added to the hall of fame of winners of the Tour de Mariënvelde that will celebrate its 40th edition next year. hopes to experience.

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